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T 488/16 - Not plausible at the filing date
Is it plausible that the compound had the effect? In this opposition appeal the effect (inhibiting PTK activity) of the claimed compound (dasatinib) was supported with post-published documents: documents (9) and (10) filed during the Examination procedure a...

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T 1153/12 - Lack of sufficiency in a mathematical claim
Claim 1 of this Examination appeal describes on a high level the mathematical processing of an audio signal. The claim comprises, for example, the generation of output channels using a basic matrix or a post matrix. Said matrices are functionally defined an...

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Is the unitary patent pulled into Brexit negotiations?
Michel Barnier during the 12/07/2017 press conference in Brussels At a  press conference by Michel Barnier, Chief Negotiator for the EU, some comments were made about the unified patent court. On the one hand, he mentions that the location of the unified pa...

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Battistelli: “nobody knows today” (what will happen to the London court)
Battistelli speaks to award winner Adnane Remmal At the occasion of the  European Inventor Award 2017  (15 June 2017 in Venice), Benoît Battistelli, president of the European Patent Office (EPO) spoke to reporters about the unitary patent ( Euractive report...

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New delay for unitary patent
The start of the unitary patent system has a few further setbacks: one less surprising (the United Kingdom), one more surprising (Germany). Up to now, the goal was to have the system up and running by December this year. That date relied on the timely ratif...

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T 648/12 - New document introduced by Board
Non-electronic exercise equipment The application concerned a training device which receives an electronic training script that defines a workout sequence in which a user is instructed to perform a plurality of activities. The user is prompted for a next ac...

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T 1818/12 - On evidence, sufficiency, and effect
This pencil cracked under the pressure The main claim in this opposition appeal concerns
an E. coli host cell sample subjected to non-lysing pressure. According to the opponent
the examples in the patent are the only known cell system that do not lyse under...

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T 1811/13 - Can lack clarity imply lack of sufficiency?
Where exactly are the boundaries of the forbidden  area? Can a lack of clarity in a claim lead to insufficiency of disclosure? The opponent tries to convert a clarity objection into a lack of sufficiency. The argument is that,  the impossibility for the ski...

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T 1463/11 - Business man versus Skilled person
Is it technical to centralize a function? The appeal concerns a centralized merchant authentication processing system. The Examining division rejected the application as a "straight-forward implementation of an administrative (outsourced payment) scheme usi...

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T 1658/12 - When prior art Claims and Description contradict
A cupcake dispensing machine The Examining division has rejected a patent application for a dispensing system on the basis of a document D2.  According to the Examining division, the subject-matter of claim 1 was not explicitly disclosed in the description ...
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