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I would like to request a watch face that integrates with google Calendar/Agenda and allows me to see the remaining time until my next appointment. There is a watch face called "next" which does that, but it doesn´t allow Google Now Cards in ambient mode: 

If possible I would be able to see in the same screen: a) current time;  b) time remaining until the next appointment.


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A few posts below I reported a bug when working with Samsung S-Note. Things are way worse than I thought so I am providing a screenshot now. 
As you can see, I draw I row and the text should appear only in one side However, each letter I typed was also showed in the other side.
(related post:

I am facing issues when using this app with Samsung S-Note
If the note is too long a second page is automatically created (or can be manually added) and that's when the mess begins.
The new text doesn't stay in the second page but instead is "merged" with the One in the first.
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