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Trojan Sewer Equipment. Heavy Duty Drain Cleaning Equipment made for the Plumbing and drain Cleaning professional
Trojan Sewer Equipment. Heavy Duty Drain Cleaning Equipment made for the Plumbing and drain Cleaning professional

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Pipe Horn Utility Locators are what the professional asks for after spending way too much on other types of Locating equipment. Pipe Horn is easy to use and fast to learn.

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Sewer Jetting in the above freezing weather is always a pleasure to do. Most people forget how to winterize their jetters in the summer because they are not doing it. Practice winterizing the sewer jetters even in the summer because when the cold weather does come back and it will, YOU WILL BE READY FOR IT .
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Sewer cameras and portable jetters are flying out the doors! If you need a new low cost highly portable sewer camera or a very profitibla sewer jetter, Give us a call !
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All drain cleaning cables must be oiled once a week to help protect then and also help them slide down the Drain better. We use WD-40 in the liquid form.  Your cable will even slide in and out easy and make drain cleaning faster. Try it !

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The warmer weather is just around the corner. How will you keep your employees comfortable in the heat of Summer? Passing out at work is a WORKER'S COMP nightmare for the business owner. What if they passed out behind the wheel? If you think why should I care , Well whoever they hit, Their lawyer will be looking for you to make them WHOLE and they will put a HOLE in your pocket and stop at nothing before you pay them.

    So how expensive is A/C in your work trucks? Alot cheaper then defending yourself in Court !

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We located a septic system yesterday that was 300 feet  away from the home that nobody located before because they could not find it. 300 feet of 3/4 inch cable was energized and we just followed the signal and used our Ground Pounder when we knew we where close to find the Septic tank Covers buried 3 feet down!  The well known company who called us will be adding clean outs and raising all covers to grade and will be able to run a camera down the lines to check if they are broke.
Our Pipe Horn has been a good investment.

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Winterizing the Sewer Jetters has been a nerv racking experience this year. We got double the amount of normal snow and many more below freezing temps then years in the past.
     Last night we welded up a portable gas powered air compressor to the Sewer jetter. We will build a box for it later on this week to protect it from the weather. This is a cheap air compressor - generator combo that we will hook up to a few air cans to fill when we are jetting . When are done jetting we just attach the hose to the water inlet and fire away! Then add RV Antifreeze into the system. The generator is strong enough to run our LED lights when needed. LED  lights do not take much power and put out alot of light.

Go ahead and try it.

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Sewer Jetting with Bacteria. We have been for years using a blend of Septic bacteria poured into our Tanks when sewer jetting 3 inch and on up drain lines. It works very well on the worst of drain lines. Heavy grease, the white and hard turning black kind has always been a problem. Even when cranking up 4000 psi only tiny pieces of it came out.  It would take a long time to get thru it. Just the beating the equipment would take was a problem until we tried a Bacteria designed to attack grease and septic head on.  Once the bacteria product was in the tank and able to mix up a bit, The grease and rock hard septic junks would fall apart and make the line easy to jet.  We use this on known problem lines because it seems to extend the time between jetting the line. When done, even a push camera is easy to push up the line. This is a environment friendly product. get some and try it out !

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Never guarantee a HANDYMAN plumbing job. Plumbing it not a part time hobby.  I have see some stuff that handyman and homeowners have done to drain lines to get around another pipe that causes a clog. THEY WILL BLAME YOU EVERYTIME for them hacking up their plumbing.
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