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Anyone have any suggestions, ideas, and starter thoughts on any "NECESSARY" rule points for a "FATE of ALTERED CARBON" campaign? Would you use FAE or Core? What might the Approaches or Skills be? Any specific Damage Tracks to cover the genre and universe play style (I'm thinking the "technoir" dirty-grim hardboiled sci-fi).

I am not thinking of ... "go look at xxx game". I am more curious for making a simple pitch to a group of newish to Fate players. With small adjustments made to flavor the pitch and one-shot story.

On that. What would make a GREAT 1-3 session "Fate of AC" story?

Anyone have the power to build JACK BURTON (Big Trouble in Little China) with me for FAE? Approaches, Aspects, Stunts? anything else?

I just thought.... what do you think about: the newest King Arthur movie. I just thought.... imagine combining this movie (style) with Pacific Rim (both Charlie Hunnan movies!)... = CAMELOT TRIGGER.

Using those two as guides. Maybe adding EXCALIBUR for another Arthurian movie nod.. What would be another great big stompy robot movie? Maybe Transformers??? I don't know, never really watched them and they all seem to blend to me (which is the best of the 4-5 Transformer movies?)...

Anyway... What do you think? What would you do or use if you were to build a Camelot Trigger campaign, having the players watch these movies to start?

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How about an all "minions" game? Something like Paranoia perhaps? What do you think... Has anyone tried converting a Paranoia RPG to FATE?

Or. I was thinking... what about having Players play any variety of minions to the big bad villains. From Stormtroopers in Star Wars, to The Fluttering Horde - the henchmen of The Monarch, made up of many henchmen, recurring characters like 21 and 24 - from The Venture Bros.

For a comedic style game using FATE's minion rules for PCs. Replaced (when a minion goes down) with the next minion up? LOL
In fact... That's the NAME of this campaign setting:



How do you handle REACTIVE checks?
How do you handle the "traditional" RPG skill checks for things like PERCEPTION and INSIGHT or other "skill checks" that are REACTIVE from the player characters, as opposed to FAE Approaches - which are by nature ACTIVE.

I've noticed a hiccup in my GMing when I think... okay, you need a perception check to possibly see/hear.... uhhh.... How would the PC in question "perceive" this, as an Approach??
Would it change, per situation? You need a Quick check to react? Or Careful? Sneaky?

And... do you, as GM, roll it and add the chosen Approach? Or call for a "Quick Roll" please?

And can the Player spend Fate Points on it? Invoking Aspects/Boosts? Can they use a Stunt out of turn on it, reactively?

How do you handle REACTIVE checks?

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playing and GMing FATE online - platforms?

I'd been looking and asking for ideas on how and where to best play games online from everything from online video or audio, to a shared play-space like a Whiteboard, and FATE dice generators...

My group and I have been using Google HANGOUTS as a video chat weekly for games and fun. We use Google DRIVE for a folder to post and share, and real-time edit documents like Character Sheets and such, even posting pictures and after game Transcripts for everyone to see.
And Google Drive/Hangouts is great for that because the real-time editing is super fast and easy intuitive.

And (a former bonus) for HANGOUTS, their is/was the "DiceStream" app to add to HANGOUTS that is a great use of rolling FATE (and all other) dice on-screen. But that app, and most others, are being discontinued for HANGOUTS, soon, at the end of April 2017.

But, overall, I ALSO felt there was less focus if we didn't have a "play-space" to see and share.
I'd checked out Roll20, Discord and several other shared-play Whiteboard things like Twiddla.

Then it hit me.... Does Google DRIVE have a simple "painter" type program?
Google DRIVE does! It's called "DRAWINGS".
It functions very similar to Google Drive's other Word/Excel like documents. So many of the same functions like easy/quick typing notes, making small tables, etc... etc... in those show up in DRAWINGS.
But on top of that, DRAWINGS also has all the line-drawing, shapes, symbols and super-easy to drop in images, etc...

It is all real-time shared editing JUST LIKE any Whiteboard online would be, with the benefit of intuitive use (if you've already used Google Drive or other Microsoft suite programs) and the normal ability to SAVE the "file".

This essentially MAKES it a real-time collaborative Whiteboard space that can be saved/printed and doesn't require scheduling a "meeting" to attend, or sign-in or sign-up (for anything but a Gmail account) like most of the online Whiteboards.

Take a look at my DRAWING document.
See if you have any questions or suggestions. I'm setting up our "play-space" now, so you'll see the basics I have started for a new campaign using FATE (FAE).
I am considering how to make little "tables" (as you see the character aspects and stress will be in) for SCENE Aspects, Situational Aspects (BOOSTS), and Campaign Aspects. I'm toying with all of that...

What am I missing that would be handy to PRE-MAKE in the Google DRAWINGS file? To have ready for game time??

Starting a new game for gamers that are leery of starting new...

Question. My gang tried playing FATE before. Myself and one player had played FATE and made an excellent custom setting/campaign for Shadowrun. We enjoyed it, so invited others to join.

The mistake... we dumped them into our half-baked rule set without really "showing" them the basic rules of FATE (FAE). So they didn't ever "get" the basics of why and how FATE works most cool.
They were a little turned off. (also they didn't like the cyber/future setting either, so that tainted it too).

That said.
I am "introducing" them to a NEW game and going from the classic FATE style of building the Campaign through questions and setting the "issues" (Aspects) as we make PCs in the first session.

NOW... knowing that the group will already (unfortunately) be somewhat apathetic to starting a new campaign with a system they didn't really get...
What QUESTIONS would you start with for the campaign build and getting their PCs built, while also working into the first scene.
Overall... how would you approach this tough situation?
What "best practices" to really highlight FATE's coolness would you tell?

The group already knows what we're headed toward with a basic premise for campaign - dealing down to specifics of the "issues" for "Immediate Issues" and "Current Issues" ... as well as potential other Issues for Setting, Scale, and NPCs. Our Campaign is basically a world/dimension moving campaign sorta of a SLIDERS style campaign.

How is best to approach all of the above...
For brevity?
What order to maintain order and interest?

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What does the classic DRACULA have to throw at PCs?

I'd love to hear ideas for the neat, unique, interesting, tough ASPECTS that the many many of Dracula's henchmen, minions, beasts, powers, and environmental things have... Such as the "Children of the Night"... what makes them overly cool? What about the lands of Romania? Do the areas around his castle have abilities to consider?

Also... I am considering rolling in a "Monster Movie Universe" of monsters from other Universal classics. Such as involving Dr. Jekyll with Dr. Frankenstein perhaps examining Renfield, or Mina, etc... alongside Van Helsing...

In my campaign, I'm GMing a group in a unique "world jumping" setting - similar to a Quantum Leap + Parallels (sy-fy movie) which takes them from world to world. My twist. The PCs are old PCs from other older campaigns of the players, brought into this genre-hopping campaign. So we may have a Shadowrun Decker jumping into this "Monster Movie" world, then next week into Greyhawk, then the next week into Star Trek, etc...

So... that's why I'm looking for ASPECTS and abilities to challenge any level of PC from other worlds...


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Online Game resources?

My group really enjoys using GOOGLE HANGOUTS video chats for game, utilizing GREAT apps such as "Dicestream" which has FATE dice rolling and more. We were also just starting to use a Web Whiteboard integrated as well.

Now we see, apps like Dicestream and Whiteboard will no longer be usable with HANGOUTS. I'm not even sure is Hangouts will continue for free private use...

That said.
Before my group gathers this week, I'd like to look into other options. Or ideas for resources for online play.

I haven't been a big fan of Roll20 really... I'm looking for what you all use for your Online DICE rolling for FATE games? And do you have any suggestions for good online Web Whiteboard sites?

Things that aren't very complicated and all easy access online if possible, to help with not interfering with game story for downloading/loading, etc... applications.

A great comment by Daniel Stack ( makes me think....

WHAT simple tips for FATE GMs & Players alike, would you note in making a short "best practices" to enjoy, use and really learn FATE well.

Daniel's Tip:
"It is vital that everyone know the Aspects that are currently in play. Even though I play using a virtual tabletop in Roll20, I've gotten into the habit of using sticky notes to list the aspects of all of the NPCs as well as writing down the environmental aspects."

I'm concerned (right now) with FATE Accelerated primarily, and I know both FATE Core and FAE have a great number of similarities... but if you note something that is specific to one or the other please make sure that's noted.

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