I'm super excited about this #googleplusupdate  rolling out because I was part of the team working on it :-) Time to get some cake to celebrate!
Introducing birthday reminders on Google.com

Everyone deserves a little love on their birthday, so we’re making it easier for you and your friends to celebrate on Google. Starting today, you’ll see a reminder on Google.com when someone in your circles has a birthday! From there it’s easy to share a fun message, photo, or video with the birthday gal or guy.

When it’s your special day, we only remind the people you’ve chosen to share your birthday with. Update your Google+ birthday preferences to make sure you’re sharing with the right people: https://plus.google.com/up/birthday

At first you’ll only see birthday reminders if you’re searching in English on Google.com. We’ll be rolling this feature out gradually over the next few days. Here’s to all the happy birthdays to come!

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