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Sheri Miranda
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Sheri Miranda

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You're probably going to be hearing a lot about Bill Maher's latest "New Rule" in the coming days. Mostly because in it, he not only takes aim at almost every religion (Bahá'í, you got lucky) but also because he calls God a &...
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Sheri Miranda

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Such a wise man.
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Advanced Massage & Energy Therapist
  • Ohm ~ The Center for Optimal Health Modalities
    Holistic Health Provider, present
  • Just my own (ExStress)
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West Dundee
Evanston/Skokie - Colorado - California
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Ohm~ where stress ends & wellness begins
Advanced Massage & Energy Therapist
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Sheri Miranda

Ohm is where stress ends and wellness begins. Utilizing Advanced Massage and Energy Therapies with alternative complimentary medicine can he

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Building inspection departments can make mistakes, disreputable builders can cut corners, or a house may predate current building codes. Her

We loved our stays at Brightwood Inn. The rooms are clean, beautifully decorated and the food is delish! We especially loved the jacuzzi for 2 after a long day of hiking both parks. To our delight we had awesome views of the gardens and wildlife.
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