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Of Beer, Sailing, alien life, And Some Practical 'Every Day' Implications Of a New Theory
Don’t take my word for it. It’s a proven fact of science. Self-replication has never been demonstrated in the laboratory. That is,
I suspect, why the authors in the Cambridge study, one of the references I site HERE , are deliberately "hedgy" with such stat...

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*Authors Should Explain Why bcl2 and P53 Genes Are Not Important To Skin Lightening in Neandertals? A Problem in The Methodology of Harvard Paper*
[What is the purpose of this thread? In actuality, this thread shares commonality with the other theories I have proposed in these blogs, relating to causality, and is therefore relevant to the other theories I have discussed here. Part of science is testin...

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Are we meant to explore beyond our solar system?
Jupiter with its moon Europa (NASA) I had a dream the other night about siphoning hydrogen off the surface of Jupiter and piping it across our solar system. Why? To power a space colony of course, or better yet, a new kind of space craft capable of many-ord...

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Other Applications of Virtual Closed Systems: Machines
Virtual Closed Systems do apply to machines and this has a surprising implications. A machine must have some entropy in itself, that is lower than outside the boundary. We are defining them differently, as having some minimal level of potential energy, the ...

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A Second Look At Quanta's "How Structure Arose In The Primordial Soup": What are evolving proteins?
I took a second look at an article in Quanta, " How structure arose in the primordial soup ". I realized that they had ignored completely my questions, two of them, and never bothered to clarify what they meant by "evolving proteins" or for that matter "lea...

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Summer Science Exhibition of Self Healing Polymers Of Case Western and Oxford University Smack of 'Pipe Dreams'
Can a structural, material really self-repair? And can molecules, or polymers, really snap into action" to fill holes and restructure a panel? The exhibitors of "Self-Mending Polymers" at the Royal Society apparently believe so: "New plastics could enable c...

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Sci Blogging By Following Nature Pub Rules: My Blog Is an 'Archive'
I'm following accepted archival
publication "rules", non-commercial use, pre-publishing and internet sharing guidelines
on this site. (See Elsevier's web publishing guide). My intent is also to comply with the Nature Pub Group "embargo" rules for blogging a...

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Does Life Violate The Second Law of Thermodynamics? Implications of 'Virtual Closed Systems'
The second law is defined
specifically for closed systems . In a closed system the amount of
available energy to do work will decrease over time. This mirrors the
definition of entropy, also defined for closed systems, as "the
quantitative measure of the am...
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