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Recently I came across a blog post about using Fate points in 4th ed D&D, and it inspired me to see if I can make them work in 13th Age. 

Here's what I have so far for what players can gain by spending them. You might need to be a little familiar with Fate for some of them to make sense, but mostly what I'd like feedback on is the traditional 13th Age mechanics. Is that too high/low of a bonus compared to the other uses? Should regaining a recovery cost more, considering what else you can do with them? That sort of thing. I'm still very new to 13th Age, so it's hard for me to gauge balance. 

+3 to hit with attack, or to a skill test
Pass a recharge check
Pass a daily power recharge check (2 APs)
Regain a Recovery
Resist aspect compulsion
Pass an easy or moderate save
Pass a hard save (2 APs)
Downgrade an enemy crit to a regular hit

Thanks for any suggestions/thoughts!
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