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This is my Recoll blog
This is my Recoll blog
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Recoll on Windows. Mostly for the fun, but maybe someone will find a use for it :)

Installation instructions:

I am quite certain that there are still problems in there. If you give it a try, please report issues on the recoll tracker on BitBucket:

Just got a Raspberry Pi 2 (yes, late...). Wow. The rpi has always been a marvellous little thing but also a serious PITA for C++ developpers because it was sooooo slowwwww....... Waiting for recompiles like 1986 is back. The Pi 2 is around 8-9 times faster for compiling stuff. libupnpp needs a hellish 17 mn to build on the Pi 1, and a much more manageable 2 mn on the Pi 2. Progress ! Although, the build takes all of 8 S with the cross-compiling toolchain on the desktop fanless core i7, so I'm not ditching Intel just yet :-)

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The next recoll version will optionally morph into a wide-screen form-factor.

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A new episode in my adventures with the home network media spaghetti: I've written an UPnP Media Renderer front-end to MPD. If you live in an UPnP home, but find the UPnP players a bit expensive, this will let you easily  integrate a cheap Linux box (e.g. Raspberry PI) with the rest of your music network.

I got a Nexus 7 to supplement the kitchen Nook tablet which was always snatched by my daugther to play stupid games anyway... The Nexus is a really nice piece of hardware, but it  actually does less for me than the Nook so it's probably going to be the one playing stupid games.

For some reason Google has removed loadable module support from recent Android kernels, and  did not include static support for accessing SMB shares either.

This breaks the  Android CIFSManager app and it means that I can't mount the PC volume which has the family photos. which is really ennoying because one of the much appreciated uses for this tablet was to occasionally show photos while dining.

None of the alternatives (sending all my photos to the "cloud", copying  the 20GB of them to the 16GB tablet) is acceptable.

I can't imagine a good reason for removing these functions from Android. As far as I can see, this was pure meanness: Google is preventing you from using your PC so that you are forced to use their servers.

I am seriously pissed, and this just removed one of the reasons why I was choosing Android over Apple.

And yes, I could install Cyanogenmod (plus a custom kernel because CM for nexus has the same kernel as Google's so no SMB there either  AAARRRGGGHHHHHH.....) But why should I have to do this ?

Open-source at work !

Recoll has a new and very good text extractor for PowerPoint 97-2007 files. This quite complicated piece of code was born as a file format analysis tool, written and used by the good LibreOffice people.

I stumbled on this more or less by chance (and Google help...). Because it was well written, it was quite easy to add the few trivial bits needed to turn it into a text extractor. The modifications will be merged back in the original tool.

The original code gets new functionality and Recoll users get a much improved way to search their PPTs. Isn't this nice ?

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Can't say that I love the new Scopes in the Ubuntu Dash (mixing up local and external even commercial search results !??!), but anyway, some people probably use them :) So unity-scope-recoll came out today, with recoll 1.19.11, and Saucy users can search Recoll from the Dash again.

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It's becoming easier all the time to stream music around the house, but  the mix of competing standards can sometimes be daunting. So more compatibility is good probably ? Anyway, it was fun, and I coded a plugin to enable MPD, the Music Player Daemon, to browse and play music out of an UPnP Media Server such as MediaTomb, MiniDLNA, Twonky or whatever runs on your NAS. 

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Sometimes, search tools work like they're supposed to...

Google glass and universal facial recognition soon coming to us. Sorry doggy, I'm borrowing a new look.
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