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In preparation for the release of ISOs and stable packages, we've moved the existing package repository to, and renamed some of the packages to properly use the -git postfix.

So, if you want to use the testing repository, add this to your /etc/pacman.conf file:

SigLevel = Never
Server =$repo/$arch

This new repository also has i686 packages as well as x86_64 packages.
Index of /repos/papyros-testing/ ../ i686/ 16-Jan-2016 03:18 - x86_64/ 16-Jan-2016 03:20 -
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Ahhhh! Exciting! Glad I decided to check PapyrOS progress today! 
we're almost there :)
Do we have a date set for ISO release?
+Aaron George It'll be as soon as I've wrapped up stable releases for all the projects, which should be within a week or so.
Hi, it's seems that i can't run the papyros-session on my arch. The desktop is freezing and I can't switch to the console to stop it, all i can do is to reboot.
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