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I've implemented tabs support in our terminal app. In additional, the action bar on all our apps will be smaller on the desktop (coincidentally, the same height as Gtk header bars, as you can see in the screenshot).

In addition, here are other things I've been working on in the past week or two:

* Support for browsing and installing xdg-apps in our app center
* A papyros runtime for xdg-app
* Attempting to fix the frequent crashing in GreenIsland
* Creating testing (non-stable) ISOs

The only issue holding back the release of v0.1 of Papyros (and the stable ISOs) is the frequent crashing in GreenIsland. I've tried fixing this several times, all with no success. So, what I'm going to do is release papyros-shell v0.1 and then share non-stable testing ISOs. As soon as the next version of GreenIsland comes out, we'll update to that and release v0.1 of the OS.

Also, qml-material, libpapyros, papyros-files, and papyros-terminal are now in the [community] repository of Arch!
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This project is really amazing. I think it's got the potential to be better than Android N, which supposedly will be aimed at desktops (besides usual mobile devices).

It's really cool without the titlebar.
+Márton Kardos Because, in my opinion, Qt (and particularly QML/QtQuick) is a much, much better choice for building modern applications for several reasons:

1) It's the framework of choice for just about every major Linux on mobile project recently, including Ubuntu Touch, Sailfish OS, and Plasma Mobile. It's also very cross-platform and works on iOS/Android as well.

2) It's very easy to build highly polished mobile and convergent applications.

3) Qt is written is C++, while Gtk is written in C. Having worked with both C and C++, C++ is worlds better and more fun to work with.

4) It's much easier to extend QtQuick for Material design than trying to do the same with Gtk.
+Michael Spencer yes, all true, but if you are wrking on GNOME, why dont use GTK? GTK looks the best on GNOME, and it can be also modern, as we can see (Wayland, GNOME, Mutter). Oh yes the mobile platforms: I dont know. I'm working now a GTK based OS for phones and PC-s, also based on GNOME, so i have to work on GTK. BTW there it is a so much better language for GTK: the vala, and we are using this, because yes, C is a bit old. And yes, it maybe true, that easier to work with Qt on Material design, but GTK is the more usable on gnome at the moment, and really easy to theme, just with a css file.
+Márton Kardos Vala seems pretty nice, I played around with it a couple years ago, but the big thing for me about QtQuick is the declarative UIs. Soooo nice to work with.

As for GNOME, Papyros is purely Qt based and won't ship with Gtk or GNOME preinstalled at all. I'm just using GNOME as my dev environment because I'm not a fan of Plasma 5.

EDIT: I'm not actually running the Papyros shell, at least in the screenshot, because I mentioned in the post, GreenIsland, the compositor library we're using, crashes a lot and makes it pretty much unusable for real work at the moment.
+Michael Spencer Yep, so you use it for a personal opinion. idk, i'm not the programmer of my project, so i just love GNOME, and i use GTK everyday. But yes of course KDE isn't the best :/
+Gabriele Musco We already have client side decorations when running on Wayland. What I think you're wanting is integrating the toolbar and window decorations, similar to GNOME apps. And yes, we will have that, hopefully by v0.3 of our app framework.
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for fucks sake, drop some isos...
Hi there, I recently came across your project and I think it's awesome since I love material design. Other than Linux what else would I need to get this running on my pc?

+Noah Foss not a team member, but as far as I remember, the easiest way is installing arch linux on a pc with an intel GPU (requires wayland to run which requires open drivers, and the best GPU with open drivers is the intel). Then you add the Papyros repo and install the desktop environment.
+Michael Spencer +Papyros Your way of communicating with the g+ community could be way better. I thought you had a new moderator? Just tell us - e.g. on a basis of 2-3 day cycles - what's going on. Or just some signs of life...

Have a look at +Solus Project or +elementary: They are posting status updates (and so on) on a regular basis. I'd really love to see +Papyros at the top of the distrowatch charts one day. But what you are doing right now is telling us (since Christmas), you'll release the ISOs quite soon. Where are they? Don't keep us waiting or tell us lies about it. If you can't release them, OK. But don't give us false hope...
Still no ISOs...
+Edgar Araújo It may be coming out this summer as stated on this site, I hope this is true.
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It'll be great to provide an update so people won't think this is dead :P
Could anyone please tell me is there a theme for gnome that looks similar to this theme?
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