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As I mentioned in the previous post, we use QtCompositor and Green Island as the foundation for our desktop shell. Green Island is developed by +Pier Luigi Fiorini, who is also a contributor upstream to QtWayland. He's done some really great work in the Qt/QML + Wayland area.

He also develops, an OS with somewhat similar goals to Papyros, but with a different design vision. So if you don't want to wait for Papyros or don't like our design vision, definitely check it out.
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May God bless this work, we are sure to be very promising and we also have understanding for the delay as well as you have our commitments and obligations and dependencies in Papyros to correct.. So much success is what I want.
Waiting for Papyros. Really thought it's been abandoned, glad to know you R still working on it. Keep it up!
If you guys don't get this usable sometime soon you'll miss the boat and material design will be replaced with a new UI design paradigm.
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