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For Throwback Thursday, here's an early prototype of the desktop shell. We've come a long way since then!
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Yes, but the very long way is before us now... I hope that everything goes well
This look like Material desing theme for unity
Actually I really like the unity like look and usability of this version. A lightweight unity with material design and arch based, sounds wonderful :) 
love the work that you guys are doing but pls keep it lightweight. dont want a gnome3.
+Osama Abu Kmail that actually can't happen for the reason that ios is proprietary and Android is open source which allows this team to even do this. 
+We're Anonymous Papyros has nothing to do with iOS or Android, other than following Material Design. I don't understand your comment.
+Sebastian Thomas Definitely, ugly and looks like Ubuntu (which I personally don't like).
I realy like it, look forward to your release.😊😊
Isn't there a kde-like version???????????? If yes i am going to donate.
wow! they look so flat and beautiful..
Is it based on cutter/mutter like Gnome/Budgie/Cinnamon ?
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