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Just a little update, I'm working on ISOs, but having some problems getting the shell to start inside the ISO. Hopefully we'll have working ISOs very soon. In between ISOs building, I've continued to improve the shell, polishing it up.

Here are some improvements I've made:
* Windows are now rounded on all four corners (the radius is also slightly less)
* The decoration icons are also Material Design SVG icons that will be resolution independent instead of the uggly pixmaps from the default window decorations.
* I also added a setting to scale the shell and Material apps by any scale factor, independent of the screen resolution (so your apps and shell always look nice, even when scaled up to huge sizes)
* Apps in the panel bounce when you click on them so you know the app is starting
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WOOOOOOOOOW it is looking absolutly fantastic :)
Don't forget the Roboto in the window decor. 😀
Saw this post on recommended thing..
wat is this?
is this for computer or android??
+2501 PC stands for Personal Computer, and it can have either Windows or Linux, or both.
Don't want to be that person, but good on earth am I supposed to get work done on a UI that looks focused for tablets? Hopefully the final will be productive to use. Good work devs! 
+Josh Gray A few things; for example: I rely a LOT on the menubar. I can't stand menus hidden under silly-looking symbols. Also the taskbar doesn't show how many windows of that application is open (really bad when you have 5+ terminals open). This UI is too blindingly bright; a darker variant would be a good option to add when working at night.
+Kent Duke most taskbars don't do that...
What do you mean by global menu?
+Josh Gray I meant the menubar like the one in MATE or Gnome 2, you commented before I edited. My mistake.
+Kent Duke +Josh Gray  The trend in modern apps is to do away with menu bars. Most GNOME and elementary apps don't have menu bars, for example. Material Design does support menu bars, but I only picture more complex apps like office apps using them. I really think for most apps menu bars are overkill. Of course, existing apps from Linux will continue to show menu bars if they were designed to use menu bars.
wow that looks really good!
Alex B
+Clockwork Doll PC is an IBM computer sold with Microsoft software so PC == IBM == Microsoft != Linux. PC-compatible devices can run whatever they like
Alex B
+Nurul Huda​ do you mean "no reason not to leave Windows"
Alex B
Just Noticed: I'm all for central aligned titles (I we have to have them) but I don't like the way Calculator is being cut off (Calcul) and the menu should either use three dots or on the left. a right aligned hamburger doesn't look right. Also could the plus in files be better implemented as a bottom right fab. Also I think 'description' would be a better Documents icon as while I understand the choice using copy just doesn't look right and the icons usage becomes inconsistent.
+Nurul Huda It's currently being built specifically for Arch, though there may be support for other distros eventually. Use Arch (or antergos) for now.
I'm pretty excited to try this out.
Can't wait for the first iso! By the way, if you need chinese translation, tell me! 
Looks cool. Can't wait to try it out. Window control icons look super old school, perhaps new max and min icons would help it look less tech nerdy.
Omg, i really like the design. Simple, beautiful but great. I wish Chrome OS would have been this way. I dont know but i'm feeling like Chrome OS is dying...
Wonderful! Can't get it on arch linux for some reason. 
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