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I've added another useful feature to the Terminal app - password storage.

You can add passwords for SSH, sudo access on remote servers, or any other command that prompts for a password. The passwords are stored securely in KWallet, and when you need to enter the password, you can just click the key icon, tap on the title of your password, and the password will automatically be pasted into the terminal window.
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+Papyros can u add support for encrypting the keystore with a master key? this way u still would have to enter a password everywhere but it would always be the same while still being relatively secure.
+Michael Zimmermann Passwords are stored in KWallet, which we don't have control over. They're encrypted using a global password you set, but I'm not sure if you can configure KWallet to prompt for a password every time instead of just once to open the wallet.
Nick z
Never thought of this function. I find it surprising and great idea!
ed dy
End of month, and no iso :'(
+Roberto Greco Not dead, just progressing slowly. I don't have a whole lot of time to work on it, plus we're waiting on an upstream bug that makes it hard for me to work on a HiDPI screen (my MacBook).
+Lightning Fox Are they actually developing another OS, if so could you please give me the link to the new OS that is being developed?? Thanks :)
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