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Hi everyone!

Sorry for the long silence. I know it's seemed like Papyros is dead. I promised the v0.1 release months ago, and it's still not happened.

However, Papyros is not dead, and is still under active development (check out our GitHub profile if you want proof). Development is quite slow, though, as I (Michael Spencer) am the primary developer of the project and am also college student and have a day job as a software developer.

One of the big reasons for the long silence is a large update in QtCompositor/GreenIsland, the compositor framework that we use for the desktop shell. This has required that we do a massive update of the shell code, which you can find in That work is mostly done, and I'm just ironing out bugs which the code changes introduced. Hopefully that will get merged into the main code soon and I get can release an early alpha of a working desktop shell.

I'm also trying to work with the developer of Green Island to share more code between Papyros and his OS, Hawaii. There's a lot of common functionality between our projects in terms of backend code, so it would be great if we can share that in some way. As it is, some of the base code in the refactored version of Papyros is taken from Hawaii (though all the high-level code and UI/UX is entirely our own), as it was base functionality we needed and it was easier to reuse rather than work with the limited documentation in GreenIsland and QtCompositor. So a big shout out to +Pier Luigi Fiorini for all the hard work he's done on.

Again, sorry everyone for the lack of updates. I'll try to be better at providing updates on what we're working on in Papyros.
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Ry Gocal
Keep up the good work
DOA = Dead on Arrival ...

maybe your team should join with Solus OS ..
+Rian Yulianto W Ikey has a completely different goal with Solus than Papyros devs, so a merge would make no sense at all (hell, they even use a different UI toolkit)
+Rian Yulianto W Having the Papyros Shell with the Solus base would be interesting. I certainly wouldn't mind it. If/when Ikey updates qt5, I might build some Papyros packages for it

PS: I'm the AUR maintainer for the papyros packages and I might just orphan those because I don't have time to keep them all up to date
Update: disowned my packages. That was quick :3
If anyone wants to maintain them, go for it. I might pick them back up again if I get my automated build system running.
Can't wait for the release.
You guys should have made it only for desktops, after gaining popularity, you should have started to develop it for other environments as well. Too much burden in beginning itself, without any help is hard.
Need to run Papyros shell on ubuntu.
Need a way to install on Ubuntu
(sudo apt-get install ..................)
Seriously what is now going on, there is absolutely nothing going on. I checked Github and no progression has been made for a long time.

You might as well delete this community and the website since I highly bet that this project is already dead.
+Devaprise Oh ok thanks mate =D I can now see it is not abandoned.
Hey guys, you are doing great job. Pyaros will be such a beautiful OS. We are looking forward to the first release of Pyaros.
+吴晓晨 Well Papyros is dead but they moved the project to LiroOS.
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