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Next up in the before-release polish of our apps is the Settings app. Thanks to +Justas Justas, I had some really nice mockups [1] which formed the basis of the app so far. There aren't a lot of settings sections so far, but I'm just working on a few core ones to demonstrate the Settings app for the alpha release. We'll add more settings in future releases.

NOTE: The design is in no way based on the new designs for GNOME Settings [2]. Justas never saw the GNOME design when he made his desigs.


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HEX cube
"The design is in no way based on the new designs for GNOME Settings"

But it seems the Settings of both +GNOME​​ and +Papyros​​ have a common inspiration: +Android​​! 😊
+HEX cube Actually, Justas said his designs were inspired by some early designs for Chrome OS settings, so sort of Android :) Anyhow, I just wanted to make that clear so people wouldn't accuse us of ripping of GNOME designs and rewriting existing projects for Material Design with little changes.
Is it even possible to make something on material design and not look super awesome? :/

+Michael Spencer I noticed that on PFiles the places aren't a drawer, not that is an issue, but it would be cool. I guess you will push it on mobiles too (at some point), right?
Haziz K
Is there any option to move the windows action button to left ?
I'd rather using the left one
What i don't love on Papyros design is the window border buttons.
+HEX cube
i mean the window buttons, and sorry, i'm not the best at english, and i definitelly mean window titlebar :)
+Márton Kardos The colored titlebar and buttons seem fine to me. But if they get replaced by a headerbar, then I'll love it! 😍
Can Papyros have a back button on the taskbar.If you can send me the source file of this mock-up I can show you what I mean
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