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Here's a little preview of the state of our App Center. It's still quite in the early stages, but coming along beautifully. These are all apps/runtimes I have installed via xdg-app. Everything you see in the screenshots is real data, no fake prototypes.

I wrote much of the Qt/C++ backend code by studying the GNOME Software xdg-app plugin and appstream-glib, so many thanks to +Richard Hughes for his hard work on those projects.
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I see much waste of space. Coming from the header bars from GNOME apps, I wonder if it's necessary to spread things out so much for "proper" material design.
Rather improve the window header. The color and buttons are awful...
Looks great! Some awesome breathing room in that UI! I'd consider having all of the screenshots as big as the big image and in a list scrolling horizontally. Clicking one leads to a full screen view of that image. (Just like Google play store.) This kind of looks like the UI for screen shots that Google's has in its chrome web store (their chrome app store). That UI has always bugged me because there is no way to really see how it would look on my desktop because they only allow the images to become as big as in the UI suggested above... #thinkingoutloud
This is super awesome. I would switch from Ubuntu to Papyros soon. 
Very nice! I suggest a different color though because I believe the Files-App already is blue. Or give the users the option via the color palette 
Yeah let's try green? I don't think we have any apps that use green yet. 
+Devaprise Problem is the icon has a blue accent to it (the download arrow), and I like to theme apps according to the colors in the icon.
Is there a repository on arch to download it for the Papyros session? 
Wow this looks amazing, the icons, the windows etc. I would like to suggest a change to the taskbar, I wish that it was completely transparent and that it would use shadowy effect. At least I hope that there can be an option to change all of this :)
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