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Empowering users to do great things

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As I mentioned in the previous post, we use QtCompositor and Green Island as the foundation for our desktop shell. Green Island is developed by +Pier Luigi Fiorini, who is also a contributor upstream to QtWayland. He's done some really great work in the Qt/QML + Wayland area.

He also develops, an OS with somewhat similar goals to Papyros, but with a different design vision. So if you don't want to wait for Papyros or don't like our design vision, definitely check it out.

Hi everyone!

Sorry for the long silence. I know it's seemed like Papyros is dead. I promised the v0.1 release months ago, and it's still not happened.

However, Papyros is not dead, and is still under active development (check out our GitHub profile if you want proof). Development is quite slow, though, as I (Michael Spencer) am the primary developer of the project and am also college student and have a day job as a software developer.

One of the big reasons for the long silence is a large update in QtCompositor/GreenIsland, the compositor framework that we use for the desktop shell. This has required that we do a massive update of the shell code, which you can find in That work is mostly done, and I'm just ironing out bugs which the code changes introduced. Hopefully that will get merged into the main code soon and I get can release an early alpha of a working desktop shell.

I'm also trying to work with the developer of Green Island to share more code between Papyros and his OS, Hawaii. There's a lot of common functionality between our projects in terms of backend code, so it would be great if we can share that in some way. As it is, some of the base code in the refactored version of Papyros is taken from Hawaii (though all the high-level code and UI/UX is entirely our own), as it was base functionality we needed and it was easier to reuse rather than work with the limited documentation in GreenIsland and QtCompositor. So a big shout out to +Pier Luigi Fiorini for all the hard work he's done on.

Again, sorry everyone for the lack of updates. I'll try to be better at providing updates on what we're working on in Papyros.

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I've implemented tabs support in our terminal app. In additional, the action bar on all our apps will be smaller on the desktop (coincidentally, the same height as Gtk header bars, as you can see in the screenshot).

In addition, here are other things I've been working on in the past week or two:

* Support for browsing and installing xdg-apps in our app center
* A papyros runtime for xdg-app
* Attempting to fix the frequent crashing in GreenIsland
* Creating testing (non-stable) ISOs

The only issue holding back the release of v0.1 of Papyros (and the stable ISOs) is the frequent crashing in GreenIsland. I've tried fixing this several times, all with no success. So, what I'm going to do is release papyros-shell v0.1 and then share non-stable testing ISOs. As soon as the next version of GreenIsland comes out, we'll update to that and release v0.1 of the OS.

Also, qml-material, libpapyros, papyros-files, and papyros-terminal are now in the [community] repository of Arch!

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I've added another useful feature to the Terminal app - password storage.

You can add passwords for SSH, sudo access on remote servers, or any other command that prompts for a password. The passwords are stored securely in KWallet, and when you need to enter the password, you can just click the key icon, tap on the title of your password, and the password will automatically be pasted into the terminal window.
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Next up in the before-release polish of our apps is the Settings app. Thanks to +Justas Justas, I had some really nice mockups [1] which formed the basis of the app so far. There aren't a lot of settings sections so far, but I'm just working on a few core ones to demonstrate the Settings app for the alpha release. We'll add more settings in future releases.

NOTE: The design is in no way based on the new designs for GNOME Settings [2]. Justas never saw the GNOME design when he made his desigs.


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Thanks to Ricardo Vieira and Žiga Patačko Koderman, we have a nice start to our terminal app, based on the backend to Konsole, KDE's terminal. I've also added a warning when you paste sudo commands to try to prevent users from copying-and-pasting random commands from the internet. Credits to +Daniel Foré and elementary OS for the idea.
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In preparation for the release of ISOs and stable packages, we've moved the existing package repository to, and renamed some of the packages to properly use the -git postfix.

So, if you want to use the testing repository, add this to your /etc/pacman.conf file:

SigLevel = Never
Server =$repo/$arch

This new repository also has i686 packages as well as x86_64 packages.

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Here's a little preview of the state of our App Center. It's still quite in the early stages, but coming along beautifully. These are all apps/runtimes I have installed via xdg-app. Everything you see in the screenshots is real data, no fake prototypes.

I wrote much of the Qt/C++ backend code by studying the GNOME Software xdg-app plugin and appstream-glib, so many thanks to +Richard Hughes for his hard work on those projects.
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For Throwback Thursday, here's an early prototype of the desktop shell. We've come a long way since then!

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Arch package repository is back up!
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