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Sarah Paterson-Farrand
Adventures in life, lessons, lunches, and love!
Adventures in life, lessons, lunches, and love!

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Star Student Wrap Up
Now that it's Friday, we are wrapping up the Star Student of the Week business. That also means that Waffles, the Koala class pet has to go back to school. In hind sight, I should have made a koala lunch because that part is tough. I thought I'd do another ...

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Star Student of the Week!
So, the 1st grade class has a fun little thing where each week a different child is honored as the "Star Student". During that week, they get to be line leader, teacher's helper, and on Friday, they get to bring some things in and tell the class some things...

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Simple Halloween Fun
One of our favorite quick meals, whether it be lunch or dinner, is a simple tuna or chicken salad. It doesn't get any easier. Our version of tuna salad is made with mayo, a little mustard, chopped dill pickles, and a healthy dose of fresh ground pepper. Del...

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Gone Batty!
Seems like lately when I go to the fridge or pantry, I'm down to the last of just about everything. Seriously, like I need to go shopping right now instead of posting this! I even cooked pasta last night for dinner using the end of two different types of pa...

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End of the Harvest
While our herbs will be growing strong for a while yet, the last of our tomatoes was chopped up for a lunch side today. Not only does the garden being prepped for winter signify that time of year has come, but we always start our No Bake Energy Bites batche...

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A Beary Special Nibbler Lunch
In an effort to clear out some odds and ends in the fridge, many a 'nibbler' or snack box style lunch is born... ever changing based on what small bits of this and that we have left hanging around. Not enough meat for a sandwich, end of a box of crackers, l...

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Late Summer Butterflies
So, I know it's not really butterfly season, but I girl can be hopeful that the warm weather will stick around just a bit longer, right? I'm not ready to let go of summer. So, while there is still a warm, sunny day, butterflies it is, dangit. Kabobs with wh...

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The Witches - Roald Dahl Day Hop
Yesterday was Roald Dahl Day , which is celebrated every year on his birthday, September 13th. Not only did I grow up reading Dahl's books and watching films adapted from them, but now I get to share them with my daughter.. and with a little bit of interpre...

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The First Day of First Grade
I can't quite grasp the fact that the day has finally arrived. When summer began, I felt like school was a lifetime away, but here we are... the first day of 1st Grade! The time flew... I should have known it would. I find myself both excited for what the y...

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Happy Bento! Lunches On the Go - Book Review
So, it's pretty clear that I've been on a blogging hiatus, but I can't think of a better way to get back into the groove and get some new inspiration than with this fantastic new book, Happy Bento! Lunches On the Go by Anna Adden of Becoming a Bentoholic . ...
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