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Outpour Films
Student Films, short films, student community, film community
Student Films, short films, student community, film community


Did you watch a film and love it but not able to express that love? Well now you can!! Come back, rate it, comment on it, and while your at it check out some of their other works! #ameteurfilms   #studentfilms   #startup  

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Just sent our first newsletter out. Check your email to see the meat of what's been going on for Outpour FIlms! If your not subscribed to our email then shame on you! 

Come check out the latest, new and improved profile pages!

Hey folks! Hope all is well!
We're finishing up on giving users the ability to add pictures up on their profiles. 
Then off to add Demo Reels! 
#studentfilms   #filmmakers   #startuplife  

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We are now working on a new feature. Soon film makers will be able to upload Demo Reels and show off their skills to potential employers and collaborators.

Do you guys think this new feature would be useful?
#Demoreel #filmmaker 

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Hey ladies and gents.
Outpour Films is a new community for student film makers.

We have a site where you can upload your films and build a profile and share them both for viewing or for showing your skills.

We are still in development right now and we want to know what you, the film makers would like to see/have in your profiles or community.

Come check us out it's all free, we aren't trying to sell you anything.

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Post meeting decision making!

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Remember when you were trying to become a regular at a coffee shop?
#studentfilm   #startup

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