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The Raven
I am too old to enter 500 Words! But this is my model to get the children writing theirs. The Raven stared intently with his one remaining beady eye.
Perched high on the ramparts, he surveyed the small group making its way from
the dark, dank dungeons towar...

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The Best Is Yet To Come
Inspired by @cazzwebbo and her New Year Writing Challenge.     *   *   *   *    *   He: Larger than life
gentleman GSOH WLTM outgoing and witty lady for visits to country pub. We can
go in my Merc. Oh Dear! What a collection of clichés! Overweight, balding,...

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Must be time to blog again! It has been some time but then work and life does get in the way. The nurture posts initiated by @ChocoTzar two years ago have inspired a range of touching and often humbling personal and professional reflections, many of which I...

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Building A Values Based Education Curriculum
We are all shaped by experiences. Every one of us has experienced joy, grief, excitement and disappointment. We have been let down or supported; embarrassed or praised;  been lied to, or even lied about. Heartbreak, romance, childbirth, promotion, pride. Al...

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"What is the best place for testing in schools?" Has testing supplanted effective teaching and learning?
I am pleased
to offer this further contribution to this month’s #blogsync Since the
announcement of the scrapping of levels and the changes to testing arrangements
there has been copious debate and a fair amount of head scratc...

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Fifty Shades of Purple
Fifty Shades of Purple  or  'Why a Woman Should Never Send a Man Shopping Without Very Clear Instructions' Part IV of a Trilogy of Parodies * * * * * * *  "Bring me something purple that brings pleasure to millions of women," she said. A return from the sho...

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When the Round Round Robin Comes to Round 2!
We first met the ghastly Jocasta and Horatio last year in this post:   What have they been up to since? And why do they want everyone to know? Becaus...

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Musings and Ramblings: Reflections on the first #SLTcamp
Imagine if you will for a minute the stereotypical images of teacher  INSET and CPD, be it a staff meeting, training day, local or national conference. Someone droning on endlessly, loving the sound of their own voice. One who constantly interrupts and bera...

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The Purpose of Education: Making a Difference
Twenty years ago I began my teaching my first primary school class. This was some years later than I might have anticipated. My original ...
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