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Steve Shaw
Online entrepreneur, content marketing expert and developer of online businesses. Father of four, husband of one.
Online entrepreneur, content marketing expert and developer of online businesses. Father of four, husband of one.


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Outsourcing Content Q&As: 5 Newbie Questions Answered

If you’re thinking of outsourcing content, here are some answers to some of the most common questions.

Content marketing is of course an increasingly important way for businesses to get noticed and attract leads.

But there are two big problems:

* Creating enough content is a huge challenge. Did you know nearly 3 million posts are published every 24 hours on Wordpress alone?

* Most business owners — and most marketers — are bad at writing.

One way to make it work is by outsourcing content creation to someone who knows what they’re doing, such as a freelance writer.

But how does it work exactly?

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Are You Making One of These 17 Common Mistakes with Your Content Marketing?

By watching out for these common mistakes, you can accelerate your own content marketing success:

1: Creating content your audience won’t understand. Speak their language

2: Starting new content from scratch each time, rather than taking advantage of repurposing opportunities (see previous post, 7 Top Ways to Repurpose Every Blog Post You Create)

3: Doing no keyword research (click here for a free and comprehensive keyword research guide).

4: Forgetting to proofread and carefully check content before publication

5: Failing to monitor and fix broken links on your blog - bad for SEO and the user experience.

6: Creating ineffective titles.

7: Going for the sale immediately, rather than just starting the relationship.

8: Running out of ideas for content.

Get the full list at

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Creating Effective Calls to Action In Your Content Marketing

The fact someone's consuming your content means practically nothing unless you get them to take some kind of action as a result.

To do that, you need to incorporate effective Calls to Action in your content marketing.

Some basic principles:

* Keep it simple. Use simple language and get straight to the point.
* WIIFM What's In It For Me? - you need to tell them what the benefits are for them.
* Immediacy. You want them to take action now. Be clear about it.
* Keep it relevant. Remember your call to action must have further benefit or interest to the type of person you attracted to the content.
* Tell them exactly what to do. Don't add a link as an afterthought - tell them to actually click it!
* Make a single offer. Choice dampens response.
* Test. And measure. There will always be a CTA better than the one you have now. Keep testing to improve your results over time.

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Content Quality Trumps Quantity Every Time: Here's How...

Do you publish more content and let quality take a hit?

Or focus more on quality... but you're able to publish less of it?

Here are some answers, including 10 reasons why content quality always trumps quantity:
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9 Key Ways Your Business Wins When You Commit to Content Marketing

Maybe you take a sporadic approach to #contentmarketing, but it's generally on the back-burner?

Perhaps you're not too clear about the real benefits of content marketing for your business? But sometimes wonder if you should in fact be pushing it up the priority list?

So, here are 9 key ways that content marketing benefits your business.

In fact, you'll see just why you and your business should be fully committed to content marketing, and not just dabble...

1. A growing social media presence and online influence.
2. New and valuable advertising opportunities.
3. Sustainable visibility on the search engines. #SEO
4. New opportunities for online visibility.
5. Build relationships with buyers in your marketplace.
6. Increase sales through multi-channel communication
7. Boost your #ConversionRates
8. Grow your authority.
9. Traffic. Not just any traffic. #webtraffic

Find out more about how all these work and why they're so important - get the full info at

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3 Benefits Social Holds for ANY Business

Common wisdom states that your business needs to be on social.

But why?

What can social do for your business that traditional advertising and search engine traffic cannot?

Broadly speaking, there are three benefits that social media holds for any business.

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Here's the first tip in a series of different ways to easily generate engaging new #contentideas for your blog...

If you have a previous list-style post (e.g. 10 Top Ways to...), expand the points out into their own standalone posts.

Then link back to your new post from the older list-style post.

See the full list:

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Can You Still Build a Successful Blog on #Tumblr?

I'd never recommend attempting to build a blog via a third-party service like Tumblr. Ultimately you don’t control the content, which makes it very risky.

For example, imagine spending the next three years creating all the content on your Tumblr blog and turning it into a success, only for someone to acquire Tumblr and make changes that have a significant negative impact on your blog.

By all means use Tumblr, but in a way that supports a #blog on your own domain that you completely control. Here's how:

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