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Breaking Things Before Their Time
Breaking Things Before Their Time

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Sennheiser HMD26 suck. Replaced w/ HMD27. Better low imp drivers. Larger ear cups, though. #sennheiser #radioengineer

The Henry Engineering Sports Pods and Muliphone II is running as expected. Nice work on those. #henryeng #radioengineer

Equipment testing running awesome. Loving the Tieline Via. We have IP, POTS, WiFi, and a 4G failover. #radioengineer #tieline

Crunch time for baseball. All must be finished today. We go out tomorrow for testing on Thursday. #radioengineer

Why I let these people talk me into denon carbunkle products it beyond me. They NEVER work out of the box! #DN700R #radioengineer

Swim meet today. Who'd thunk I would need sun screen. Forecast high 78! #swimofficial

I got to reboot one of my 20kW Linux computers today! My NV20s will be 8 y.o. on 12/24! #nautel

Ah, Friday. A good day to attempt a Linux install for a test computer. This time Debian. Time to learn something new.

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Oh boy. Harris Z10 PA module repair. Time to head to site and see if it works. 3 others need same repair.

A User's relationship with Microsoft is the same as Cpt. Kirk's relationship with Khan.
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