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Jennifer E. Pergola
A writer of comedy with a touch of the absurd
A writer of comedy with a touch of the absurd

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Story 186: Interrogation by Massage
The Prisoner was
brought by two guards, each holding one of his arms, before the Interrogator in
a subterranean, dank, hewn-out-of-rock cell. “So,” the
Interrogator opened with, artfully dropping a quill onto his desk and leaning
back in his chair for utmos...

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Story 185: Gut in Need
(Inside a human digestive tract, several scattered bacteria
wearing hard hats go gloomily about their work.   One approaches Lead Bacterium) Worker Bacterium 1: Captain Bacteroides? Lead Bacterium: Yes, Lieutenant Escherichia,
what’s your status? Worker Bac...

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Story 184: Unwanted Roommates?
As the human
read her book in her comfy chair, her right hand began to itch like
anything.   Looking down at it, she saw a
tell-tale red bump on the back; looking off to the side, she saw a tell-tale
mosquito clinging to the wall. “Did you just
bite me?” sh...

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Story 183: I Don’t Spend That Much
2 appeared on Friend 1’s doorstep one morning, like a newspaper: “Hi.   I think I need help.”           “OK,
get in here,” Friend 1 said, pulling her inside.   “This must really be bad: you never admit to
anything.”            “That’s

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Story 182: The Professional Interviewee
there,” the Interviewer verbally patted the latest applicant on his shaking
shoulder.   “You didn’t do that terribly.”             The
applicant looked up sharply.   “Does that
mean I got the job?”             “No.   Off you go.”   The appl...

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Story 181: Looking For Love – In A Movie
Are you tired of the singles scene?   Are
you tired of the committed relationships scene?   Do you yearn for the kind of romance that seems to exist only on film
and is over before the end credits roll?   Well, you’re going to have to...

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Story 180: Automobile’s Lament
            I wait for you all day while you’re
at work             I
wait for you all through the night             Through
sun, through snow, through rain, and no,             Abandoning
someone this long is not right.                         Would
it be ...

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Story 179: Average and the Beast
(A parody of several
versions of Beauty and the Beast )             Once:
there was an average-looking girl who became imprisoned in the castle of THE
BEAST, after exchanging her freedom for her father’s after he wandered off
and had tried to take a rose fr...

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Story 178: Faux Snow Day
FRIDAY “I heard we’re
getting a nor`easter next week.” “Baloney.   It’s almost April, winter’s over, and you
know we don’t get snow anymore.” “We do too get
snow – we had those flurries in January!” “Mm-hm.   And for the past two years we’ve gotten rain,
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