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Fall Style: An Autumnal Felt Hat
The cooler weather has brought me fresh motivation, I've been wearing many of my fall favourites and taking lots of photos so I can show you all how these items can work for you in your wardrobe. This next item is a new one to me, I am very much into wearin...

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Fall Style: A Classic Leather Moto Jacket
Autumnal weather has finally descended on Ottawa, after a record-breaking September heatwave. The extended summer weather was nice (read: sweaty) but I am definitely welcoming the fresh, crisp fall air and cooler temperatures. It gives me the opportunity to...

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Fall Style: A Sporty Crew Neck Sweater
September is such a tricky month for fashion. Not only is it the month when we are busy previewing all the spring 2018 fashion shows, but it is also the month where the weather fluctuates greatly and temperatures can be both hot and cold. In my recent post ...

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7 Must-Have Fashion Items for Fall
Image Source: Pixabay This is the first year on-record that I have not been desperately awaiting fall weather. In the past I would be parading around in my new fall wardrobe during a mid-September heat wave, cursing myself (as I battled mild heat-exhaustion...

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Fashion Forever? The Future of Design.
Image VIA  Catherine Wales ***Blog post is part of a Blogging Competition organized by  CGTrader  , all thoughts are my own unless otherwise stated. Image credits are all noted and linked below. This may seem a tad strange, but although I have always loved ...

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5 Elements to Outfit Planning Perfection
We all have days when we don't like our clothes, where you can't bear to open up Instagram in the morning because you may die from #OOTD envy, (first world problems, I know) but sometimes we forget how lucky we are and end up with the wardrobe blahs. I wrot...

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Wedding Season Is Here: How to Be the Best-Dressed Guest
Photo Credit: Hello Fashion Blog Being invited to a wedding is exciting (unless, of course, you've been to 10 or more in the last year) especially if you are attending as a guest rather than as a member of the wedding party. You're in for good times, no res...

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How to Style: Hats
I have never been much of a hat person, I always felt funny, like I was trying too hard. Then a last summer I ordered a light green (pistachio?) woven fedora sun hat by Sunday Afternoons and I am properly obsessed with hats as an accessory. Here's a small g...

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Wedding Season Is Here: Gift Giving 101
  Photo Credit   Well folks it's official, wedding season is upon us and I am definitely excited to help some very good friends celebrate their upcoming  nuptials . Over the month of June, I will have a mini series of posts dedicated to ideas for how to be ...

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How to Style: A White Dress
It seem like the warm weather is playing a game of hide and seek here in Ottawa. One day it's sunny and 30 degrees, (Celsius) the next it's 15 degrees and raining. It makes getting dressed everyday kind of challenging but on Mother's Day I was determined to...
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