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David Wright (Col. David J. Wright)
Making change begins with taking action and good practice!
Making change begins with taking action and good practice!

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One of the 33 components of global citizenship is e-Residency!

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Learn about how to align your business with the Sustainable Development Goals!

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Our program takes human rights to a whole new level. human rights involves much more than some realize and extends to indigenous people too, they are the key to sustainable living if we understand nature.
Human rights are central to all international engagement, prosperity, peace and our global agenda with the SDGs. We need global citizens who are understanding of the ideals needed to develop a global ethic.

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Join our Google Groups Mailing List "Globcalization" to get our newsletter. Watch for our forthcoming project +Global Citizenship Registry starting on September 21st. 

Welcome to my new official Google+ profile! Its from here we will be working together to promote sustainable living and the common good!

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Excellent Infographic to get started on Google+
A Step-by-Step To-Do List for Your First Month on Google+
Just getting started on Google+? Wondering where to begin?

This Infographic from +martin shervington and +Mervik Haums is a comprehensive step-by-step to get you started!

1. Your Profile

Set up your profile with a clear headshot and an attractive image as the ‘cover photo’ if you want your image to be associated with content in Google Search.

2. Profile/Pages/Website

Link your website to your Google+ Profile and add some Google+ badges. Don’t rush to set up a Page unless you are a company. People tend to relate best to ‘profiles’ when they are new.

3. Find People to Whom You Relate

As such, use a hashtag to search for people with similar interests (e.g. #health #science #cupcakes ). Add those people into your circles.

4. Add in Whole Circles

Search for hashtags and ‘circle’ e.g. ‘#Science Circles’ and add those – if people relate to your profile it is quite possible many people will add you back.

5. Engage

Then go and +1, comment and share those people’s content when you relate to it. But don’t just share, add your own commentary and views about the content in the box above. 

6. Join Communities

Check out communities you find interesting and focus on commenting instead of posting your own content.

7. Watch Events And Make Comments

As well as seeing great content, these are often excellent social occasions and you can meet some new people in the live comments.

8. Use Hangouts

Hangouts really help you to connect with people on Google+ and working in teams. If you are not using them the you are really missing out!

What would you add to this list?

See it here on +Plus Your Business! -

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Proactive social media for the sake of social media! Right on Skakira! #worldcup #selfies  
~ We're LOVING your #daretodream #WorldCup selfies - please keep tweeting and instagramming them (with the three letter country code)! #JAP #MEX #BEL #RUS 
~¡Nos ENCANTAN sus selfies con el hashtag #daretodream - no se olviden de subirlas en twitter o instagram - con el código de su país en tres letras! #JAP #MEX #BEL #RUS 

Globcal International is developing a global citizen development project in Sweden under its authority as a cooperative international non-governmental organization. Join us here soon!
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