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I was looking over my old blog posts and I realized the last Bgui release I did was back in December of 2011! I guess that means Bgui 0.08 is probably about due...

#bge   #bgui

Blender Game Engine: As of r53257 async LibLoad() is finally in trunk, and with it the last of my changes from Swiss!


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Looking for resources on environment art, specifically workflow. I am currently working on an outdoor scene, but will need to work on interior scenes later.

Any suggestions are greatly appreciated.


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About time!

Harmony has made its way to Trunk!

Now it's time to get some patches up to code review for the remaining Cucumber bits.


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To you Blender people out there:

Has anyone setup a successful motion capture pipeline for Blender? I can export my model+rig to MotionBuilder (using FBX) and get it working there, but I cannot get the animation back into Blender. The new mocap tools in Blender seem kind of hit and miss and the COLLADA importer breaks on my rig. Any suggestions out there?

So, 10 people started following me today. 10 people in one day is a new record for me (and a fair increase from the 30 or so following me before today). Now, my question is, did I miss something? Not that I mind, just curious. :)
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