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Evaluation Norms and Standards - now in six languages!
The United Nations Evaluation Group norms and standards for evaluation are now available in all UN languages - Arabic, Chinese, English, French, Russian and Spanish.  Read them - spread them - use them! You can find them here . In recent years I have been i...

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A must-read for evalutors, campaigners and everyone: Beware of confirmation bias
Followers of this blog know that bias is a recurring topic on these virtual pages. Evaluators must be aware of bias to produce robust work. After this year's elections and the disturbing success of "alternative facts" and "post-factual" phenomena, the topic...

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Getting those evaluation reports right
The other day I tried to remember how many evaluation reports I reviewed or used over the last ten years - probably a couple of hundreds. An astonishing number of reports felt like a a waste of time (and money). Anyone
who is in the international developme...

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Improving remote meetings
Everyone knows those remote conferences that start with "hello? can you hear me? is everyone there? was that XYZ? ABC, are you there? oh, this must be DEF joining us? I hear an echo! my microphone doesn't seem to work! toctoctoc!" and so forth. Fifteen minu...

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All that research for NOTHING
A very accessible video by 3ie starts with evidence from a recent study by the World Bank. It has found that a third of the research report published by the World Bank on its website have  never  been downloaded by anyone and 87% never referred to in any su...

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New Resource on Women, Land and Corruption
Transparency International has just published a guide which is the fruit of a three-year process I have had the privilege to support with my facilitation and writing.  The guide builds on the experience of Transparency chapters in Ghana, Uganda and Zimbabwe...

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Ending Poverty with Empathy
Have you heard about the Two Dollar Challenge ? How much is that in Euros... 1.88 The Two Dollar Challenge invites everyone to live on two dollars a day from 3 to 7 April 2017. One in ten people live under 1,90 a day, so two dollars a day should be feasible...

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Resolutions for 2017
Dear reader, if you drop by regularly, you may have noticed that this blog has been in a state of semi-hibernation for a few months. I have been wildly busy working on a complex evaluation with a wonderful team; this will keep me busy for many more months t...

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For development practitioners...

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Getting those indicators right
In the world I work in – social development
– the terms "theory of change" and "indicator" have become essential. You can't just try doing something that might improve people's lives. You need to explain why and how the things you (plan to) do will contribu...
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