Okay. I'm calling for a military industrial boycott

Don't buy video games that involve OLIVER NORTH in their consulting. Activision paid that f*#(^%# criminal a**face to consult for their game. Just like FOX pays him to propagandize for the military and defense contractors on their supposed "news" channel. Black Ops are illegal yet Oliver claims them to be the future of warfare. They are the war of the past and present as well. It is immoral and the top reason why other countries do not like America. We bomb them, but will not admit to it in the newspapers. "I didn't do it, I don't know what happened?!?!" Do not feed trolls; Oliver North should be in prison.

Boycott the military/industrial complex - Do not buy CDs/DVDs from electronics companies that also build Inter Continental Ballistic Missiles. Do not endure propaganda that gleams your eyes with the Army/Marines/Navy/AirForce. Do not invest in equity firms that capitalize defense contractors. Do not give in to immorality and pay for wars to take place. And do not inculcate yourself with video games that are meant to glorify war and killing; they are tools for recruitment.

Forget the Alamo, remember Iran/Contra.

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