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Joel Schleicher - Technology Director - Grand Forks Public Schools
Joel Schleicher - Technology Director - Grand Forks Public Schools


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#OneWord2017 - INNOVATE
As we close out 2016 and look ahead to 2017, people are making their new year’s resolutions.  Reading through my Twitter feed, many educators are embracing the “One Word” challenge by Jon Gordon (@JonGordon11 @getoneword #OneWord2017 #OneWord).  The questio...

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All I Wanted for Christmas was an Atari
Sometime in 1980 or 1981, I asked for an Atari Game System for Christmas,  After all, EVERYONE else had one.  Beyond the expensive price tag, I specifically remember my Dad and Mom’s other rationale for not buying an Atari: “all you can do is play games.”  ...

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Did anyone else experience a sudden change with YouTube's restricted mode? I watched a YouTube video this morning and tried to watch it again this afternoon and it came up restricted. I am logged in with my Google Apps account. Also, as the G Suite Admin, I did not make any changes in the admin console.

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Fanning the Flames of Innovation #IMMOOC
About 4 years ago, I started following George Couros on Twitter because his Tweets and blog posts resonated with me.  I was inspired by his thoughts, so I attended George Couros’s sessions at a few conferences and read his book The Innovator’s Mindset as so...

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Every Educator Has To Be An Innovator #IMMOOC
The week 1 session of the Innovator’s Mindset Massive Open Online Course (#IMMOOC) on Saturday led by George Couros, Katie Martin, and Dave Burgess provided me much to ponder.  There was, however, one point by Katie Martin that stood out.  Here was my tweet...

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Another Generation of Kids Cannot Wait #IMMOOC
While many teachers carry on the tradition of the factory, compliance-based, teacher-centered model of education, other teachers are embracing a student-centered, learning by doing model of education.  What ever happened to 21st Century Learning?  We are 16...

This is a shot in the dark, but would anyone have an idea when ChromeOS v53 get moved from a beta to stable channel?

We started our school year on Monday and several students are having troubles logging to their GAFE account. When a student logins to a Chromebook, it starts the login process, the screen turns black, then comes on, but not logged in. When you click on drive, it prompts the user to login again. When you go into setting under people, it does not show them as logged in. It's like the account is not completing the login process. Has anyone had this problem and if so, any ideas on a fix? Thank You.

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After One Year; Reflections on High School BYOD
Last year at this time, our district was in the planning and preparation stages for high school BYOD (Bring Your Own Device).  My blog post last summer ( The Road to High School BYOD ) outlines the transition. The last sentence of the blog describes our min...

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Relentless Restlessness
Since the end to the school year, I participated in a book study on The Innovator’s Mindset by George Couros.  (Thank you to Carla Haaven for organizing!)  The book study group met in person several times and responded to questions via Google Classroom.  Gr...
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