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Anyone know anyone in Columbus, OH looking to rent a place near Cleveland and 161? If so I have a newly refurbished townhouse available. 

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Moto X phone  "repair"

#ThinkSmart - Save money by fixing your phone at home!

I'm glad the Moto G is so cheap. It cost lest than a professionl to fix my X.
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Small suggestion. In turn based games, could it jump to the Leaderboard after submitting a turn? I always go there next, and the deactivated "Submitted" button isn't terribly useful.

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I'm quite certain I had $40, because I begged $20 to send a technology to an ally but after seeing the event that it was delivered I have $35 in account.

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This is awesome, and approachable. Learn just how your car works!

bugs or cheating? An enemy ship was heading to one of my stars, Didn't land there and is now heading somewhere else.

I've been wondering (because I haven't bothered to pay attention) what happens to research in progress when you receive  tech from another player? It would be best if the point you have just roll over to apply to the next level, but I have a feeling it doesn't work like that.

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Hey everyone! Let's push this over the top, I'd love to get mine!
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