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Operation Blue Onyx (DE-PA-MD-NJ)

19 layers (4 for 7:00 PM checkpoint, 13 for 12:00 AM)
Over 10.5 million MU, plus a distraction field of 6 layers and >1 million MU
26 agents from 4 states (DE, PA, NJ, MD) and 2 communities (DAIR and Delco Resistance)
2 onyx Illuminator badges
3 platinum Illuminator badges
3 gold Illuminator badges

It all started when agent [redacted], fielding guru of the Delaware Resistance, offered to help as many DAIR agents as possible earn their onyx illuminator badges. The first agent up to the plate was veteran DAIR agent [redacted], who played a crucial role in such legendary East Coast fielding ops as Operation Yankee and PAIR Shield, and even had three Shonin shards come through his backyard before he successfully sent them to the Washington Monument – but somehow he didn’t have his onyx illuminator badge yet. Agent [redacted] drew up a plan for an eight-layer field, with durable anchors at [redacted] and [redacted] and a series of layers at [redacted]. Agent [redacted] fiddled with the layers to see if she could improve upon it, and eventually modified the plan to 23 layers.

The plan sat on the back burner for a month or so, but after the DC anomaly was over, agent [redacted] decided it was time to get moving. She suggested a date of June 27th and started recruiting DAIR agents to help. Crucially, she also asked the Delaware County, PA (Delco) Resistance to help, and they came through wonderfully. Four Delco agents agreed to help clear, and a fifth was not available during the op but still helped with keys and planning. This field would have been utterly impossible without the Delco Resistance’s expert assistance and advice.

In the days and weeks before the op, keys were exchanged, recruitment continued, plans for rails and distraction fields were discussed and finalized, and quiet pre-clearing of blockers began. [redacted] attempted to go into [redacted] to blow up some blockers, only to be turned away because of a private event for [NSFW]. Luckily, he was able to destroy the blockers from the other end. The day before the op, DAIR agent [redacted] serendipitously boomed the town of [redacted] with her daughter [redacted], clearing some blockers and making [redacted]’s job much easier during the op itself.

On the morning of Blue Onyx Day, June 27th, agents [redacted] and [redacted] went out to clear some links in the way of the main distraction field, while [redacted] and [redacted] sought out the accessible-but-inconvenient endpoints of a nasty blocker. [redacted], who wasn’t available during the op, took out the even-more-inconvenient area of [redacted]; it was taken back by ENL agent [redacted] an hour later, but luckily no new links appeared. Agent [redacted] deployed on the southern anchors in [redacted] so as not to call attention to the area later. About 15 agents involved in the op met for lunch in [redacted], where many of the DAIR and Delco agents met in person for the first time. Some final key exchanges took place, and then it was time for the op.

By 3 pm, the weather had turned from a tolerable drizzle to a driving rain – which didn’t stop Delco RES agent [redacted] from going out and attempting to secure seven portals at [redacted] before it closed. Unfortunately, three of the seven portals were neutralized or had resonators knocked off by ENL agent [redacted], who was also there at closing time, happily tooling around the parking lot as [redacted] was being escorted out by staff. We were disappointed to lose three layers, but their loss wasn’t fatal to the larger plan.

The main task of clearing and tunneling out the lanes got in motion around 5:20. In Chester County, agents [redacted], [redacted], and [redacted] went into the territory of formidable ENL agent [redacted]; [redacted] generously loaned a [redacted] to [redacted] so that he could operate effectively. They boomed a small number of heavily shielded portals, Jarvised another, and started throwing rails to [redacted]. By this time, [redacted] had done some clearing in Chester County as well, and she squelched through a field in [redacted] to kill the blocker she had scouted out earlier that day. She threw a rail to [redacted], neatly carving out the western half of the north lane, and then proceeded to one of the anchors of the distraction field.

In Eastern Maryland, [redacted] threw a rail from [redacted] to [redacted] that cut off the problem areas of [redacted] and [redacted] from the main lanes. Agent [redacted] boomed a few portals in the town of [redacted] and then ventured out into a nearby park in the driving rain, making sure none of the portals there were fully deployed green.
In Kent County, DE, agent [redacted] threw a rail from [redacted] to [redacted] to further fortify the western lane.

In south Jersey, agents [redacted] and [redacted] quietly threw an elegant distraction field that carved out the NJ portion of the lanes.

And in Delco, where the opposition turned out to be the toughest of all, agent [redacted] cleared the area of [redacted] on the DE-PA border, while agents [redacted] and [redacted] started taking out the home turf of ENL agents [redacted] and [redacted], and [redacted] prepared to throw a distraction field from [redacted]. The two Delco ENL agents, known for their quick response time to attacks in their area, managed to retake a few portals and throw some more blocking links before the Wilmington/Delco distraction field could go up. But agents [redacted] and [redacted] stayed on their tails and boomed the links, and agent [redacted], who was not originally involved in the op, saved the day by Jarvising a blue blocker that had come up late in the game at an inconvenient location. The distraction field went up around 6:30, and its six layers were worth over 1 million total MU.

In the milieu of throwing the distraction field, [redacted] managed to establish the baseline for the main field. Now everyone looked to southern Delaware to watch the big fields go up. But there was a snag: agent [redacted] didn’t have a clear lane to her eastern anchor. Multiple IOs looked around for a blocking link on the east lane, and with the slowness and crappiness of the intel map, it took 5-10 minutes to finally find a tiny blocker in New Jersey that we had missed.

By this time it was about 6:50, so we skipped the first layer and sent [redacted] and [redacted] down to the second portal in the southern sequence. Throwing as fast as they could, they got 4 layers up by the 7:00 PM checkpoint. Each layer was worth over 560K MU, so the Resistance got a hefty bump in the cell scores for AM01-LIMA-03 and AM02-LIMA-12. One of the layers of the distraction field remained up through the checkpoint as well, thanks to the valiant efforts of [redacted] and [redacted] in defending their anchor when ENL agent [redacted] showed up to attack it. [redacted], who was at an unchallenged anchor of the distraction field, helped recharge remotely.

Between 7:00 and 8:00 PM, five Resistance agents continued throwing layers from southern Delaware. Finally, at about 8:05, agents [redacted], [redacted] and [redacted] capped off the last three layers from the western anchor. 19 layers and 10.5 million MU had been thrown. 

Agents split into northern and southern groups for post-op food drinks, watching their scanners and marveling as they stayed solidly blue. By 11:30, all 19 layers were still up. Unfortunately, ENL agent [redacted] showed up in [redacted] at about 11:45 to boom a few of the layers, but 13 of them still remained up at the 12:00 AM checkpoint. Though it was completed later than originally planned, Operation Blue Onyx was a resounding success.

I want to give a HUGE thank you to every agent who was involved in this op. I have redacted your names in order to avoid giving the opposition a list of People Who Might Collectively Be Up To Something, but you know who you are, and your help is deeply appreciated and very important.

Thanks to +[redacted] for intel help, and no thanks to Niantic for the recent shitty changes to the intel map that made this op a lot more cumbersome than it would have been a week before. #reswueisawesome   #intelisnotacrime  
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Made it to 8 within 10 days. Not too shabby.

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Very cool idea, gonna be keeping an eye on this.
Something I've been experimenting with and researching is building a desktop environment based off of Google's Material Design guidelines. 

I've been experimenting with several different layouts, and plan to come up with a design using ideas from Unity, GNOME, elementary, and KDE.

I plan to build it using the QtCompositor APIs, which allow building a Wayland compositor using almost pure QML. Right now this is just a normal QML app, but I plan to turn it into an actual compositor soon.

If anyone is interested in following or contributing to the project, I will be putting code on, with my initial work on a Material Design toolkit in QML at

#materialdesign   #quartzos   #linux  

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On Thurs, Nov 6 starting 9AM PT, tweet #Ingress in 7 words. For example, what does Ingress mean to you? What was your favorite Operation or Anomaly? How many kilometers have you walked? Exceed 1,000 tweets in an hour as a global Agent community (not per-Agent) to unlock new Gold, Platinum, and Onyx Innovator Medals as well as extend 2X AP rewards for an additional week beyond Fri, Nov 7.

Reach the following Access Levels by Sat, Nov 15 at 11:59:59 PM PT to earn your Innovator Medal:

L3 - Bronze
L9 - Silver

If this goal is successfully achieved by Ingress Agents on Thurs, Nov 6 starting 9AM PT, the following Medal tiers will also be added for all L11+ Agents:

L11 - Gold
L13 - Platinum
L15 - Onyx

Note these Medals can be used to level up. Good luck, Agents.


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On October 25th, 2014, our mid east coast USA Ingress communities launched Operation Unity.

I was on link blocker / blocker clearance duty from Seaford, DE to Cambridge, MD.

Here are some highlights of my adventure.

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Welcome to Unity.
October 24.
World Development Information Day.

"In recent years many events have interpreted the title of the day slightly differently. These have concentrated on the role that modern information-technologies, such as the Internet and mobile telephones can play in alerting people and finding solutions to problems of trade and development. One of the specific aims of World Development Information Day was to inform and motivate young people and this change may help to further this aim."

And if we can spread a single idea around the world, through our love of a "game". Imagine what we can do in real life.


This was a fantastic OP to coordinate.  I met and worked with a lot of great people.  Went to several areas that I never would have gone to otherwise.  And overall had a blast coordinating this entire OP.

Great work to every single agent who helped with making the Delmarva Peninsula fields a great success.  A lot of time, energy, and emotions went into making this happen.  Our plans evolved from an innocent little field covering just Delaware into a massive megafield reaching all the way down into the VA portion of the peninsula, up to Oxford, PA, and over to Cape May, NJ.  With the planned field extensions, a lot of additional coordination needed to made with the surrounding team.  A huge thank you to +Peter Fisher-Duke (VA field lead) and +Aldus Valor (PA field lead) for their assistance with making sure plans worked together.

Our final plan broke down into 3 major sections.  
 * Western field (single layer) would cover most of the Maryland peninsula
 * Center fields (3 layers) would cover most of the Delaware peninsula
 * Eastern fields (14 planned, 13 executed) would cover the remaining Maryland and Delaware peninsula.

Final link clearing began at around 9pm with the plan for fields to be completed by midnight.  Interestingly enough, we had to clear more ally blockers than RES blockers.  However, those on the team that were in the field were determined and all blockers were cleared by 11:40PM.  Unfortunately, and I'll own up to it, I was late leaving from the last blocker I was clearing and didn't arrive to my anchor until 11:52PM.  We immediately started throwing links and most fields were live by midnight (the target time).

MU breakdown:
 * Western field = ~190K MU
 * Center fields = ~436K MU x3 (~1.31M MU)
 * Eastern fields = ~140K MU x13 (~1.82M MU)

In total, a massive 3.32M MU worth of fields covered the Delmarva peninsula.

After a quick calculation of the before/after world scores, there was a total of roughly 500 MILLION MU throw worldwide BEFORE the checkpoint.  This doesn't include the countless number of megafields that just missed the checkpoint or the ones that had to be thrown early.

Great job to every single Unity team out there regardless of what the outcome was.  Unity's original goal (to get the world involved and to work together on something together, as a whole) has been a great success.


And without further ado, I want to thank the below agents for their time in making this a great success.

@ArchanAlias( +Roque Dietrich)
@AtrumDeus( +Lucid Knightmare)
@DelaWhat( +Bob Delawhat)
@Gator( +Mark Hall)
@GreenCameron( +Cameron Wright)
@GreenLantern417( +Mike Anderson)
@Hyp3rFur3( +Joe Lilly)
@jangosagony( +Jason Eubanks)
@keoieid( +Keoieid TheHealer)
@LifeOnTheShore( +Jamie Crannell)
@MarleyInOc( +Ric Crockett)
@MrSlate( +Aldus Valor)
@Mytzar( +Mike Gutzat)
@parabolik( +Matt Harsch)
@PuddinPOP( +Zach Barrett)
@tehllama( +ben brown)
@TwoRavens( +Josh Martin)
@zepter( +Peter Fisher-Duke)

And of course, a HUGE thank you to +Jeana Steinborn for organizing this entire OP.

#Unity #ItsTimeToMoveTheWorld #Ingress #IngressReport

+Ingress +Joe Philley +Brian Rose +Brandon Badger +John Hanke  +NIA Ops 
Ingress #Unity
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Tips for Enlightened Players in the Field
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Relatively new player. Commute primarily between Newark and Wilmington during the week and venture to Dover on most weekends.

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Trevor Newell hung out with 1 person. <a class='ot-hashtag' href=''>#hangoutsonair</a>Keanu Vestil
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