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My United States Virgin Islands.  The most forgotten of the forgotten territories.  Still an important situation that we need to deal with ASAP.  Yeah don't see that happening anytime soon.

Alien Covenant was ass! Like worked all day, haven't showered ass.

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Finn better be a Jedi or whatever they're about to be called lol. I'm ready!!!

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This November, Marvel Studios' "Thor: Ragnarok." Watch the teaser trailer now!

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LOL Verizon did this, now we see who they're really afraid of.
Sprint has now tweaked its unlimited plan to include HD video (1080p) and 10GB tethering per month as well. Of course, the cheap $90 price only lasts for a year.

#android #sprint

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Not even white women, women in general. No woman is going to see him and be like hmmmm that must be a "FTM" carry on.

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