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A good drink menu design can help you create a memorable dining experience. It can also help you maximise your profitability. If you have a lot of beverage options, read our post to find out how you can create a successful drinks menu for your cafe, bar or restaurant.

1. Analyse Your Clientele

While thinking about your drink menu layout, you should have in mind the type of customers who your business will serve. Some of the questions you ought to ask yourself are: are they a corporate class having drinks after work, spending lunch breaks at your business or college students having random beer sessions after classes? Knowing when people drink and who they are, will be helpful in coming up with a drink list design.

Before crafting your perfect menu, refer from your POS to determine the kind of drinks which sell most and those that need more attention. If you discover that there is a particular imbalance between spirits, rum or brandy, you may consider coming up with a cocktail menu with a signature drink. A signature drink is more likely to increase the consumption of the hard liquors and create a balance in their use.

2. Separate Drinking Menus

You might have visited some establishments and received a menu with many pages, making it hard for you to figure out the kind of drink you need. That type of arrangement is unprofessional and does not showcase your prowess as clients find it cumbersome flipping through pages with unrelated beverages of different types. You need to have separate menus which put drinks of the same kind in one place. Bar drinks menu should be different from restaurant drinks menu. Such drink menu layout gives clients a more relaxed time navigating through a simplified version and does not overwhelm them.

3. How Many Options are Available?

When choosing drinks for your establishment menu, you need to give a thought to the various options that will be included. While you don’t want to overwhelm your customers with numerous options, limiting their preferences may be even worse. Ensure that you have at least twelve different options for cocktails, beer and wine. This figure, however, is flexible and will vary considerably depending on various factors.

For an establishment offering craft beer, having more than a hundred beer options on the menu will be a good idea. Clients frequent such bars due to their wide variety of beers, and exclusion of some would chase away many clients. Other clients expect a cocktail menu with many options to choose from, including those that they are not familiar with.

4. Update Your Menu

One of the worst clients experiences is to flip through a drinks menu and order for their favourite, only to be notified that the beverage is no longer available. Ensure that you update your menu whenever a new beer, wine or cocktail is introduced, and remove any drink which is no longer offered at your establishment. If you are operating from a location where there are changes in seasons, ensure that you indicate on your menu about the new beverages that you have included to suit the clients for that particular time of the year. A coffee menu is no different. You need to indicate when you are offering iced coffee during the hot season.

5. Drink Descriptions

Clients would want to know the kind of drinks that they are ordering, and a drink description is the best way to do so. Ensure that you use catchy phrases like, ‘crispy,’ ‘slow-roasted and succulent to catch the attention of your customers. Include the ingredients used starting with the main ones, followed by those that are included in less quantity like syrup and bitters. While describing the kind of drinks being offered, always make sure that the statement is small and does not offer unnecessary information. To give a better impression of the beverages being described, you may consider using drinks menu with pictures.

6. Artistic Cocktail Names

Having creative cocktail names plays a big role in determining the kind of drink that customers choose. Come up with creative names to give your cocktails and let them stand out from your competitors.’ More than half of the clients are likely to choose a specific cocktail simply because of its name, even though they have never tried it before.

7. Strategic Placement of Drink Prices

While designing your drinks menu, always ensure that you include all the drink prices. Clients are more likely to spend more on drinks they are sure of their prices and save them the time and embarrassment of having to ask the prices of beverages before ordering. As you arrange your drinks, ensure that you start with the most expensive on the top and follow a defined order. Such an arrangement is a great idea of increasing your sales.

8. Drinks Origin

Many people would like to drink wine based on its origin, mostly due to their experience or desires to support their local brands. On the menu, indicate the origin of the drinks being offered as some people are willing to even pay more for a drink based on its origin.

9. Leave out Calories’ Amount

Many revellers are not interested in knowing the number of calories in their drinks. Avoid including them in your drink lists and instead, have a section where you indicate the available options with lower calories. This is a much better strategy for a good and profitable drink menu design.
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Do you need to design a beverage list for your bar or restaurant? Our post lets you know how to go about designing and creating the best possible beverage menu.

1. Make Sure That Your Beverage Menu Is Easy to Read

It's crucial to prioritise drink menu design that's clear and straightforward. Make sure that guests can easily and quickly navigate all of the options that are available to them. Divide drinks up into defined and user-friendly categories as well. These categories may include everything from alcoholic beverages to coffees, teas and juices. Strong beverage menu design is essential for all kinds of dining establishments and bars, too. It's critical to put together a beverages menu list that's eye-catching, memorable and easy to read.

2. Provide High-Quality Images

You don't necessarily have to include images of all of the beverages that are available on your menu. It can do a lot for the design to put some photographs on display, though. Make use of images that are enticing. Try to showcase your beverages in the best possible light. Avoid the use of dim and drab photographs at all costs. Good menu design can make guests feel excited about investigating all of the high-quality drink options that are available to them.

3. Take Note of Your Overall Style

You should make sure that the design of your beverage menu is 100 percent in line with the atmosphere of your establishment. If you head an eatery that has a laidback, relaxed and cosy feel, you should try to recreate that vibe using your beverage menu. Harmony is essential for design success. Don't confuse guests with a drink menu design that doesn't make sense. If your restaurant has a quaint feeling, aim to go with that. Cohesiveness is always your best bet.

4. Give Guests Explanations of Your Beverages

Don't simply provide guests with the names of all of your available beverages. Aim to give them detailed yet concise summaries. If you serve orange juice, mention that it's fresh-squeezed. Try to be as thorough as possible. Don't go overboard with the information, though. It's vital to remember that you're working with a limited amount of space and you don't want to make things look messy and overwhelming.

5. Recruit Professional Menu Designers

If you want your beverage menu to look amazing and be highly effective, it can help to recruit the services of professional menu designers who work in the dining field. Look for professionals who have significant expertise with establishments of all varieties. Look for professionals who understand your aesthetic goals well, too.
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Looking for some menu decoration ideas for your new restaurant, cafe or bar? In our post, we take you through the ten best ways you can add a sense of style.
The Number of Pages
Think about the number of pages you want to use in your menu. In many cases, it helps Keep it to only a single page. Put items on both the front and back. Your decorations will stand out more when people see the menu.
Fewer Choices
Reduce the menu choices if possible. This way, diners will not feel overwhelmed by too many choices that make it hard for them to decide exactly what they want to eat.
Appropriate Colours
Use appropriate colors. For example, for a French Bistro use colours like blue, white and red that call to mind the French flag.
Bolder Colours
Bolder colors like vivid emerald green tend to stand out more when paired with softer colours like beige. Use these to draw attention to specific areas of the menu and specials you're offering.
Font Choices
Another element of your menu design are your font choices. You want to make it easy for your diners to read the menu. Use a friendly, simple font like Arial for a clean look.
Highlight Certain Dishes
An ideal menu decoration will help you highlight certain important dishes. You want your customers to see items that are more profitable for you first. Use the center of the menu primarily for your most costly items.
Use Pictures
Use actual pictures of the food to help demonstrate what their orders will look like once they get them. Great pictures make the food look much more appealing (see example).
Showcase Combos
Show diners what they get when they order a combination plate to help them decide to order more food. Make it easier for diners to understand what they'll get with their meal.
Curly Lines
Curvy lives help give the menu a sense of movement. Use curves to help make your specials stand out from the rest of the page.
Don't Crowd
Keep the entire thing simple whenever possible. Your menu should be easy to read in less than five minutes (see example). Don't crowd all your menu items in the center of the page and leave the rest of the menu blank.
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Looking for some menu cover ideas for your new restaurant, cafe or bar? In our post, we take you through the five best kinds of covers on the market.

1. Clear

Here's a classic; a clear cover flap that shows off your gorgeous fonts. This kind of menu cover has an elegant taste to it, but without putting your wallet into recession. It's a generally common cover, but that doesn't ignore it's class and good taste.

2. Wooden

Here's something a little different: a wooden menu cover. This is a way to knock your customers socks off and also assert a rustic, or tough environment that your restaurant wants to incorporate. It may not be very traditional, which, in a competitive marketplace, is a great direction to go to keep your establishment at the front of the pack. It's also pretty nifty, might I add!

3. Leather

Be careful having menus with a leather cover; your customers may want to take them! These are for the folks that enjoy, again, rustic or almost western joints, but also can be used in high class restaurants to put out a sort of dangerous side that the customer might not expect! This is guaranteed to attract clientele from various backgrounds (and keep them too!)

4. Fabric

How many restaurants have you been to where the menu covers are made of felt, or some other fabric? This will set you apart from your main competition and leave your customer in awe of your inventiveness and definitely underline your restaurant for future visits. It's also a good fit for a cozy yet classy restaurant setting.

5. Japanese Style

Japanese-style menu covers are, obviously, great for Japanese restaurants, but they can work for yours too! They are fantastic for upper class places that want to hearken to an older age of cafes and waiters with pencil-mustaches, and will most certainly add that last bit of flavor that your restaurant needs (aesthetically anyways; I'm sure the food is great!)

It's a safe bet to have a wide variety of culinary delights on your menu; it's a safer bet to present them with style! So take a chance; try out some unique menu cover ideas, and see for yourself just how much your business will grow.
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Nice authentic Hainan chicken rice and creamy Malaya rasa noodle.
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This is a menu covers we have done for one of Brisbane fine dining restaurant last year, It still in excellent condition.
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Full of fresh sashimi & Great environment.
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Stunning logo branding on leather type menu covers.
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