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damien c
Retired bohemian, coffee addict and 1.4 freak. Working with children for 12 years.
Retired bohemian, coffee addict and 1.4 freak. Working with children for 12 years.

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Shop updated, thank you for your visit! :)

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Hey. Hope everyone is doing well, it's been ages. I haven't been shooting that much lately. Meanwhile, I've opened an account over at
Feel free to drop by. Have a nice Autumn everybody, hopefully the landscape will make me feel like shooting nature gain. (:

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Muito obrigado pelo convite.:) Convido-vos a visitar um pouco da minha fotografia: Abraço!

Street photographers: do we all have established boundaries?
I have a rule of not posting street photographs where children can be identifiable, even if the Portuguese Law allows it in a defined context. 
I took an adorable street photo of two very young kids (my guess is an 8 year old boy and a 3 year old girl) sharing a bike and my submit-to-G+-fingers are tingling. I think I'll just enjoy it myself, that will make the shot worth a bit.
Where do you set your limits? 
Have a fantastic weekend.:)
I don't mean in any way that it is wrong, I just can't do it. There are so many fantastic shots with children in them. 

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What in the world?
I've changed sharing settings on this personal album and comments and interactions have disappeared. :(  
How stupid of me.
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Hi guys and girls, hope everyone is doing well.
Do you have a standard resolution size to the photos you upload here?
I'm trying to find my optimal resolution... again. It used to be fine at 580 pixels, now they're all mushy.  Do they appear the same to you?
Thanks for any input and have an excellent weekend. (:
Edit: a tip, btw: my resize method has been this for years: resize, duplicate the final layer, sharpen this layer, reduce opacity on this layer to a desired taste. If necessary, delete over-sharpened areas.

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You know girls and guys, I never do features because quite frankly, my audience is very limited and you have way more watchers than I do.
But seriously, you've got to watch this man. I just saw his work by chance.
+Anthony Pond 
Just take a moment to browse his albums. Such an underrated body of work. If you have a moment, browse and share. I'm in awe.
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