Open letter to Anchorage Mayor Dan Sullivan.

Mayor Dan Sullivan,

Last week, the FCC Chairman Julius Genachowski issued a challenge to municipal leaders and service providers to begin creating the infrastructure for 1 gigabit broadband speeds to residents of at least one city in each state ( I thought this challenge should be brought to your attention for a few reasons.

Anchorage would be the ideal candidate to take up this challenge for Alaska. As the most densely populated area in our state, it is the headquarters to the state’s major businesses, universities, and many political leaders. If any community in Alaska could benefit from faster internet connections sooner than later, it’s Anchorage.

This technology will attract industry and innovators. Imagine if by next year we unveiled a cheap, state-of-the-art internet connection that was available at a low cost to residents and businesses. We would be a city on the cutting edge of communications technology. Students from other states would attend our universities. Businesses and corporations that operate in our state would rely on our community more than ever to be their link to the rest of the world. Government officials would do more work, more efficiently from their offices in our city.

We are already behind the curve as far as available bandwidth in our city. This technology is not a luxury but a requirement if we are to remain relevant. These speeds are going to be the new standard, and If we do not take steps to adopt this technology we risk being overlooked by industries, educators, students, and residents when they make plans to invest in our community

Do you currently have any plans to respond to this challenge? If not, I ask that you take this challenge seriously. It is an opportunity to make our city a national leader in access to fast, cheap, reliable internet connections before we are forced to scramble to catch up to a change in the communication landscape that is inevitable.

Rob Keys

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