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Kyle WA
Internet Entrepreneur. Changing lives and earning through technology that helps others achieve the same.
Internet Entrepreneur. Changing lives and earning through technology that helps others achieve the same.


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Have you seen the 'Free Plus Shipping" book offers being advertised on Facebook? There are many such offers going around. My suggestion is to be careful, I outline exactly how these schemes are working.

Have a read and I would love your feedback.

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Traffic Monsoon's demise was an obvious one to anyone that has been around the internet space for any amount of time. It fit the criteria of any major scheme in the past.

If you were involved in this program, it doesn't mean you are a bad person. I just hope you have learned your lesson that there are companies out there building large sums of money off the backs of real, honest people.

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There are 6 common ways that people are getting scammed within the affiliate marketing industry (unfortunately). I have documented these within the following post.

I would love for you to have a read and please do provide me with your feedback when you get a chance.

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$0.99 domains are an elusive way to get you to spend much more money.  These are pure loss leaders for any company offering them and before you ever purchase a $0.99 domain name, you need to read this.

There is always a "catch".

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Domain renewal schemes have never been more prevalent.  If you OWN domains, you need to renew this.  I want you to be protected from this sort of scam because so many people are falling for these sorts of things these days.

Also, it is important that you start to protect your private information.  Have you ever been subject to this sort of solicitation?  Would love your feedback!

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MLM. The reality.  The truth. 

If you are involved with or have been involved in an MLM program, you are going to want to read this.  If you have been brainwashed into thinking MLM = creating a business, you are going to get some unique perspective.

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Clickbank has an unfair advantage and is exposing and benefiting from their merchants and affiliates hard work.  Am I the only one that can see this blatant unethical behaviour.  

There are companies that want to create a brilliant platform and make money as a result.  There are companies that want to make money at any cost.  Clickbank has officially fallen into the latter category with their launch and constant promotion of Clickbank University.


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I thought the FTC came down hard on dieting pills making crazy claims years back (hence why Google came down hard on any accounts that were promoting anything that was "pills").

Apparently Amazon didn't get the memo.  I am not saying that these pills don't do anything at all, but they are by no means miracle drugs.  They are just rebranded generic vitamins with a little caffeine (and anyone can actually package their own and sale them).   #schemey   #placebo

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Another day, another MLM that follows the same blueprint.  Sell overpriced products to folks and claim they are better than products that are far superior, shameless recruit your friends and family as your underlings, and ultimately be part of the 78% that get involved and earn less than they invest.

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In a world where we all want something in an instant, we are naturally drawn to "quick fixes" even if it means putting chemical or concoctions into our bodies.

Have you ever used diet pills?  I know I personally have over the years, I even used them at one point (in my dumb younger years) to try to increase energy and speed up metabolism. 

Today, the verdict on diet pills is apparent to me.  Yes, they are bad for you. #diet #dietpills #yourhealthisinyourhands
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