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BWCA Winter Wonderland
On average about 150,000 people explore the BWCA, but only a small percentage enjoy it during the winter months. There are so many fun activities and natural beauties to experience that you don't want to miss out on!

Probably the most alluring, or at least most well-known, activity is the incredible ice fishing. You'll have the chance of a lifetime to catching trophy-sized lake trout, walleye, northern, and crappie. Unlike the warm months, the fish are a lot closer to the surface and can be caught in virtually any part of the lake. Couple that with virtually no one else out on the lake and you've got pristine conditions to catch beautiful fish.

Snowshoeing is another great activity. You'll be more than likely the first to walk over freshly fallen snow, treading new paths into pristine forests. That's an experience that you can't put a price tag on. You'll be surrounded by the quiet noises of a winter forest, see the sun glistening through the tree branches, perhaps see some tracks of woodland creatures. It's a perfect way to get a little bit of exercise and experience the BWCA like you've never done before.

There are miles of different cross country skiing trails riddled throughout the BWCA. These paths are great for exploring places that you've never been to, or to revisit some of your favorite summer spots. Not only will you get a great workout you'll get to glide over trails and feel closer to nature.

Another favorite pastime is winter camping. As with all other camping in the BWCA, permits are required year round. The standard rules from the Forest Service apply except on the recommendation of camping and fire. The campsite must be on the ice, in a protected bay, or in a natural forest opening, be at least 150 feet from trails, summer campsites, and other groups. You can only have one trail connecting the shoreline to the camp. It's recommended and preferred that you make your campfire on the ice to minimize fire scarring. Only use dead and down wood for your campfire, and when you're done with it make sure that it's cold to the touch. Do not cut green vegetation for camping use (tent poles, bedding, creating dogsled trails, etc.).

We hope that you have a great time in the BWCA this winter!
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BWCA Permits: Making Changes

Many people are apprehensive about reserving their BWCA permit because they don’t have all of their trip information handy.

Don’t fear!

We’ve compiled a list of helpful hints as to what you can and can’t change once you’ve reserved your BWCA permit.

You cannot change your entry date or entry point without canceling it and reserving a new one (if one is available). Below is a list of the changes you can make to your permit after you reserve it.

1) change the issue station
2) change the exit date
3) change the exit point
4) change the number of watercraft
5) change the party size (changes in this category will adjust your credit card billing)

We hope this helps you move forward with reserving your BWCA permits, we look forward to seeing you out on the water!
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Got the winter blues? Now’s the perfect time to start planning your awesome summer! At Clearwater BWCA Outfitters we have adventures for explorers of all ages and fitness levels. Come check us out, we’d love to have you canoeing around pristine wilderness with us!

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