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Close to home: why holidaying in the UK this year might beat going abroad

Fine dining, golden-sanded beaches, picture-postcard coastal scenery, pastoral countryside, world-famous cities and a vast choice of accommodation; there’s one place that has it all. And it’s right on your doorstep.

Yes, more and more of us are deciding to take our holidays at home in good ol’ Blighty. With purse-strings being tightened at every turn and the cost of foreign holidays continuing to spiral, people are waking up to the fact that giving up on foreign travels doesn’t have to mean going without your annual getaway. For many the UK will do just fine, thanks very much.

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Instant first class cover with our world travel insurance

You've got the whole world at your feet, and top quality cheap worldwide travel insurance at your finger tips with World First.

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Longstay Travel Insurance at World First

Everyone is taking time out these days. And why not? If you have the chance to take an extended stay in Spain, a long winter break or even a year out to explore the world, we say go for it. Everyone is taking a 'grey gap year' these days!

#travelinsurance #travel #holidays

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If you're living with a blood disorder you may have found it difficult to get travel insurance at a reasonable price. We can help

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Comprehensive travel insurance for pregnant travellers

Expecting more than a great holiday? Unlike lots of other insurers, we're happy to insure pregnant travellers, even if it's a multiple pregnancy. We're proud of our friendly, efficient service for pregnant travellers and will give you the comprehensive travel insurance you need for your holiday. We'll cover you up to week 28 for medical expenses and thereafter if you have serious complications. And we'll do it at a price that's fair. So if you're carrying a little extra luggage on your holiday, you don't need to worry about travelling uninsured.

#pregnancy #travel #travelinsurance #insurance

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Over 60s, 65s, 70s, 80s, 90s Seniors Travel Insurance at World First

You don't have to be young to have the holiday of a lifetime. But when it comes to getting travel insurance, age can be a problem with some insurers. Not with us. We're happy to cover travellers up to the age of 100 with a choice of policy options.

#travel #travelinsurance #insurance #babyboomers

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Getting active? It's all included!
Sports and activities covered in your World First travel insurance

Fancy a game? It's no problem for World First travellers. Unlike with other policies, we cover 150 sports and activities automatically as part of our Single Trip and Multi Trip policies.

#sports #travelinsurance #travel #insurance #fitness

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Most cruise lines insist that their passengers have appropriate travel insurance for their medical conditions, including cover for medical expenses and repatriation.

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Surfing travel insurance for surfing holidays worldwide

If ever there was an activity that best encapsulates all that is wonderful about travel, surfing is it. The ultimate adrenaline sport offers freedom, exploration and adventure all in one. And if anyone should know it's us! Martin Rothwell, our MD, and his brother Tristan, our social media expert, grew up surfing in Cornwall.

#Surf #Surfing #Travel #Insurance

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