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Liam Morley
doin' it live.
doin' it live.

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finish this sentence. points for creativity. "Well, you can tell by the way I use my walk..."

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necessary events: road trips to all of new england's best ice cream parlors. of which there are 20+ of them.

anybody know anything about Tabata? i hear it might make a good Ultimate training regimen.

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Hey, cool! Google makes it easy to explore your mom in 3D.

I'm a terrible person.

I think I use Google+ in part because I'd really like to see it succeed, for real.

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"Hey, ladies, no worries here. My gonorrhea is still 100 percent treatable by cephalosporins. So what do you say, mamacita?"

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Looks like +Mark Zuckerberg and I have fallen off the Google+ Top 100 list. I may or may not have been on this list to begin with.

I've been using Twitter for keeping track of what tech people are doing, and after adding these people to G+, my stream is full of tech stuff... I hope Google get smart about this, not every circle should carry the same weight. #gratuitoushashtag
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