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I can't make it to Nerd Beers (schedule conflict on Thursday nights) but this one's for you guys!

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Just found out NPR's The Moth storytelling show is coming to Rose State College tonight at 7:30.  Does anyone want to go with me?

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Slides for today's presentation about Irrlicht at the GameDev group.

Additional links:
Code::Blocks 12.11:

Irrlicht 1.8 SDK:

Installing Irrlicht:

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I've still not got a bench grinder - if I build this I won't need to devote the space to one and I can spend the money on a nicer vice instead.

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One of the guys doing this is a friend of mine.  You should contribute.
We have finally launched our founding crowd source funding campaign.  We are hoping to utilize a variety of volunteers with a variety of skills from across the human spectrum from solar and electronics to legal and marketing experts.  Or if you don't have time just donate a dollar.  We believe we have found a path to decentralizing big parts of commodity based economies.  Come help us, be the brighter future.

I can't get into developer mode on my ARM based $250 Samsung Chromebook.  Pre-release versions of the hardware supported developer mode.  Did Samsung lock down the bootloader for the consumer version?  Not cool.
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