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Linux Mint Spot
Very unofficial +page for Linux Mint - the fun Spot - news and tips
Very unofficial +page for Linux Mint - the fun Spot - news and tips

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Please be safe, do not reuse passwords! Hacks happen :/

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The first two X-Apps are ready ← Segfault And talks about PDF reader in the comment section

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Do you use library managers ? You do not know what that is? Try #Calibre and free yourself from e- book clutter. It is cross-platform. Database can be easily stored in the cloud and used across many devices. If you have an e-book reader it can do magic!

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It was suppose to be a suntanning afternoon, but a date with Olivia sounds so much better!

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Let's hope that this (and followers, please!) will be nicely configured and ready to Mint!

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Since the Mint 15 RC was released a few days ago, time for some review love!

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Huston,  there is a penguin on the board

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Great collection of Mint wallpapers
56 Linux Mint Wallpapers
Isn't it great to find everything you need in one place?
#mint #wallpaper
Download Entire Archive: mint.wallpaper.gplus.7z -
Or flip threw them in this gallery. Some are over 1mb.
MATE Skinning:
Cinnamon Themes:
Please RESHARE with your circles.
56 Photos - View album

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Referral link alert! New kid on the block cloud. is the new Dropbox clone/alternative. It starts bold. 5GB for signing up, another 5GB for signing up with a referral link (search Ge+ for your friends link or use below) and installing one of the apps. + 2GB for posting a tweet about it *not tested, own no Twitter :). It does not share your e-mail with the referring person, unlike Dropbox. It does your name, but this seems less evil. It has a linux app (yey!) that is going to go through tough testing today. I am going to have a look at the Terms of Use during the weekend, before I give them any more sensitive data. But for now, grab when it is hot. The 5+5 promotion is suppose to end after they get enough buzz. 
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