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Erin Brenneman
Do one thing better than everybody else.
Do one thing better than everybody else.

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In For A "Treat"! Antibiotics on the Farm
Three weeks ago I came down with an awful cough and chest
congestion.   I “stuck it out” for just
about as long as I could stretch it but finally broke down and went to the
doctor late on a Thursday afternoon.   It
turns out there was some fluid building up...

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Detective Work is Good for your Dinner Table
While I may not be well
versed in deep and detailed agricultural issues that maybe only growing up on a
farm would expose me to, I understand the basics.   I appreciate both sides.   I think people in agriculture tend to get
frustrated with the average “rem...

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Fall to Winter, Change in a Blink
It’s snowing outside.   Living in the Midwest
my whole life I’m neither surprised nor sad to see it come back.   Like a dinner bell it signals the end of all
the hustle and bustle that fall field work brings and rings in the hush of a calmer
scene in the co...

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Tractor Driving Addiction
I can remember when I was younger driving through the mighty
state of Wisconsin across rolling hills lined with rows of corn.   Every summer we would head through the state
from Chicago on our way to our summer home in Upper Michigan.   It was a magical tim...

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Living Rural Doesn't Mean Living Distant
There is truly not a more caring and giving community to
live in than the farming community.  If
there is someone in need, there are 100 people there to help them in every way
possible in no time flat.  I have
experienced this in the 10 years living here so...

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Welcome Pork into to the Family!
Pork the puppy that is.   Yes we added another farm dog to the family.   I suppose I can consider myself the
ringleader of this menagerie of animals that I have collected.   Growing up in the city we were tight on space
and never had a dog.   Owning one was...

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My Passion
I work most of my days inside our sow farms where the mother
pigs are bred and also give birth.   It is
in here that we also take care of the special needs for the nursing piglets
before they are weaned off of their mother.   A lot of my stories I have to s...
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