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Is there any consideration being given to developing a Windows 10 version of CloudPlayer? I've been using it on all 5 of my Android devices and can't do without it for streaming music from my OneDrive and DropBox. I absolutely love it, and there's nothing that comes close to it for Windows. If there are any suggestions of what to use, I'd surely appreciate them. I've tried Groove, but like Google Play Music, the playlists are limited to 1,000 tracks, which absolutely won't do for me. If Groove supported unlimited playlists, I could deal with it, but CloudPlayer is head and shoulders above everything else. Thanks!

I unchecked all "Keep Offline" boxes and yet tracks are still downloading. There should be a simple download manager that clears all downloads and stops any downloads. What will eventually stop these downloads?

Please make the time progress bar longer in landscape mode (for tablets) so it's easier to move it short distances during long tracks, such as audiobook chapters, old time radio episodes, and other long programs. In a 30 minute track, for instance, it's virtually impossible to scrub a couple of minutes in either direction, or to even tap a spot to move it a couple of minutes either way.

I understand that there really isn't a way to save edited metadata to the cloud service where the original files are stored, but wouldn't it be possible to save, and export to the cloud, all the cloud player settings as a file, which would include the edited medadata, along with playlists, etc.? Or perhaps offer CloudPlayer storage with sync capabilities?

I have an old Samsung Note 3 that I want to use as my car mp3 server, but Cloudplayer crashes every time I open it. It's the only device I have trouble with it on. Any ideas?
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