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When sergey talks, I listen:-) 

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Painful for some but agree to the philosophy. 

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This is more around my range ;-)
Well I could not afford to move to the USA to get +Project Glass so I have made my own

The fibre optics was the tricky bit but I can see the screen on my nexus clearly with my left eye.

Regrettably I am in the UK and the 3G network is poor and all the features do not work as well away from wifi

I will post a photo how to later if required

You will need the following:

Your own glasses (take the lenses out of cheap sunglasses)
Nexus telephone 4.2.2 at least
Plastic Prism 
Drinking straw, colour of your choice (The green choice is a paper for better recycling)
Elastic band (natural rubber or latex free)
Superglue (the most expensive purest you can get you only need a few drops)
Fibre optic cable (please note these are very fine and snap if mishandled)


Cut the straw to size

Heat the straw in boiling water

Fit the prism

Thread the fibre optic with a drop of superglue on the end through the straw to stick to the prism.  Hence the pureness of the glue it will transmit the light.

Once done attach the assembly to the right hand side of your glasses using the elastic band

This is the tricky bit you then go out in public as below

When someone asks you a question use your Nexus phone with your left hand and ask Now a question looking upwards to the right to distract them.

Look at the answer on your telephone with your left eye

How to look cool and smart

Or an idiot :D

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Next , in line, the cafes of Google are linked to the tomato shortages in the vicinity :-) 

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Windows 8 held a promise. But that was all it was. 

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Not a great place , probably the greatest.

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