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Turn Peace Around
Spreading the pro-peace message, one hand-crafted item at a time!
Spreading the pro-peace message, one hand-crafted item at a time!


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Join Julian Lennon as he guides us in meditation towards the Master Shift of energies toward #peace .

12 Dec at 9:30pm Eastern / 6:30pm Pacific


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Know someone who might like the idea behind TurnPeaceAround? Give them a gift to help spread the message.

Or, grab something for yourself - there's no judging going on.

Check out the Turn Peace Around items in +Breath of the Dragon's #zibbet  shop.

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Some slight adjustments to the blog.... It is now more of a static, informational hub than it is an active blog. Comments and suggestions welcomed.

If you could have the Turn Peace Around design on anything, what would it be?
What sorts of items do you have on/with you all the time that could serve to spread the message of a positive peace symbol?
The Zazzle shop has lots of room to expand, so if you tell us what you want, we just might be able to make it happen....

Once again, time slips away and updates are not made.... I'm very sorry.
If it helps, we're very quiet on the Facebook page as well as the group, too.
Any ideas/suggestions to pick things up around here?

Please forgive the extended absence as of late - summer tends to be a stagnant time for me. Hope to get back to business as the weather starts to cool off soon.
What would you like to see added to the Turn Peace Around Zibbet shop?
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