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Will be removing this page soon. Find me on my other account. Added most of you to it.

Pooping is more fun with Social Working. 

I'm glad to see GIFs are still what is powering Google+.

Hello is this thing on?

Considering just deleting this account. Hardly use it.

Where were you on 9/11/2001? I was in English class in 7th grade (Mrs. Cooper's class). Classmate woke me up and told me "A plane hit one of those big buildings in NYC". I asked which ones. "The 2 that look the same". The Twin Towers? "Yeah those". Bullshit, what happened? I was picked up and was on the way home right after the 2nd plane struck the other tower. Went home, watched a little of it on tv; thought "Wow this is like a movie". Went out side and was playing some basketball with my neighbor Chris. Both were a little taken back by what happened. And figured it was just all an accident still, since no one was used to "terrorism" then. I walked inside my door as the 1st tower fell.

People are really shocked that Google bought Zagat? Do these people not think of how this is going to really boost GooglePlaces?

If done correctly, this could be better than Yelp!.

flab•ber•gast - verb: surprise (someone) greatly; astonish.

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Is it just me, or is this logo absolutely TERRIBLE?

So out of all the bands playing the York Fair... Hot Chelle Rae has my interest... But they are opening for Big Time Rush.... Killing my interest.
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