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Problems with OneDrive / SharePoint Syncing?  Easy to fix apparently...

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Ed Miliband: a man more awkward than me when it comes to showing off a bit of a smile.

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Feel a bit queasy after this.  Still, time for tea!

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Brands that really don't work in English #humour  

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THIS WILL BE A MONSTER SHARE!  Over 1,000 re shares!

Time to rock the Google+ community!

For all your SEO and social media marketing needs visit my company

We have testimonials from multi million dollar companies.

We represent these major corporations currently +Inertia Tours Inc.  +Beer. Bacon. Music.   +7's Electronic Cigarettes  +Deer Antler Spray GNC  +Health & Fitness (GNC) +Nootropics +AddieUP  +Inertia Tours Blog 

We have also managed +Ultimate Globes +Empire Avenue +Miessence HQ and more.

Thx to +CircleCount for motivating me to try this. They have stats on everything.

Thx to my man +Chad Hart   and +Delton Doucet   #Thesnowballcircle

 Keep this simple!
1. ADD the circle
2 Share the post
3. Plus the post.
4. Comment to be added. BAM that is all easy right!? 

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Perfectly executed BMX underwear hang.
Animated Photo

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These must be 10 of the least appetizing cakes in history of cakes...

   _"choice of a slice of shiny ballsack or a sliver of sphincter"_

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Interesting stuff...
How to combine your content marketing with SEO

Really cool #infographic  perfect for your multichannel marketing ideas.

#contentmarketing #seo 

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Google Oculuars. Never lose anything again.

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Coke Cans, Big Macs and VD Cream for James Bond:  Some thoughts on disclosure for native advertising.
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