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Katie Bedlow
A British bookish type.
A British bookish type.

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Five Happy Things In March
  YELLOW appearing everywhere Beautiful happy babies artwork just for me <3 li="" nbsp=""> Personalised MIA BROOCH David got me for my birthday! From gorgeous Vannucchi designs First iced coffee of 2017 enjoyed on the first alfresco lunch break Finally seei...

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Welsh Weekender
Hello and a happy springtime to my readers! Can it really be true, are we out of the winter darkness at last? March is my favourite time of the year (maybe because of my birthday being on the 17th....the big 28 squeeeeeal!) for the spring flowers popping ...

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Five Happy Things In February
Finding proper signs of spring whilst out dog walking, such as these beautiful wild crocus Lots of snuggle time with the little werewolf  Valentines hotdog night with Katy and Oscar, who made me this fab card too! Brunch and a great catch up with one of my ...

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The Beautiful British Museum
I was very excited about spending our Sunday morning strolling through The British Museum - a nostalgic excitement, like how you would look forward to going on school outings with your rucksack full of notebooks and a packed lunch! To help wake us up proper...

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Five Happy Things In January
SNOW! Only a little sprinkling but still enough to make things look exceedingly pretty Days off work with slow tasty brunches Mia being puppy-like as ever with her menagerie of friends Toasting my Grandad's 92nd birthday with our favourite local Gin, Silent...

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Welcome 2017!
Hello and a very happy (belated!) new year to you! I hope it is off to a good start, I have unfortunately been laid up with a nasty flu-like virus since Christmas Day (fabulous timing!) so it's been bed rest and box sets, not all bad news! I was dying to ge...

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  I hope you had a magical Christmas with all those you love, and were spoilt rotten! Working in retail meant my Christmas run-up was hectic to say the least, I didn't get any crafting or baking done at all which is most unlike me! I will just have to make ...

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December Inspiration
How did we get Christmas sorted before the days of Pinterest?? There are so many fantastic ideas over on my Christmas board that I would need a whole lifetime of festive seasons to use them all....but hey, it's fun just to window shop! I am preferring a far...

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Five Happy Things In November
  Plenty of cosy days hibernating at home watching films, baking and sitting by candlelight family bonfire night with sparklers and a dinner of bangers and beans Snuggly mornings with Mia - who won her groomers 'Dog Of The Month' just for being cute Enjoyin...

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This Is Halloween
It's no secret that I adore Halloween, and this year I got the chance to have a properly spooktacular get together! It was BYOP (Bring your own Pumpkin) to ensure the carving competition was strong, and no one disappointed on the costume side of things! We ...
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